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Agile Time Management as an Innovation in an Enterprise

References Bicheno, J. and Holweg, M. (2009). The Lean Toolbox. The Essential Guide to Lean Transformation (4th edition) . Buckingham: Production and Inventory Control, Systems and Industrial Engineering Books, 24. Christopher M. (2000), The Agile Supply Chain: Competing in Volatile Markets , “Industrial Marketing Management”, Vol. 29, Iss. 1, p. 37-44. Czekaj J., Metoda analizy czasów przebiegów w systemie pracy administracyjno-biurowej (DZA) , [in:] Nowoczesne metody usprawniania procesów informacyjnych w organizacjach gospodarczych i

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Debate Over Rigor and Relevance in Scientific Study of Management

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Introduction of Risk Management into Municipal Offices Across Poland as an Example of Organizational Change

References Announcement No. 6 of the Minister of Finance of 6 December 2012 on detailed guidelines for the public sector pertaining to risk planning and management. Armenakis, A.A., Harris, S.G. and Feild, S. (1999). Paradigms in Organizational Change: A Review of Theory and Research in the 1990s. Journal of Management, 25(3): 293-315, Boyne, G.A. (2003). Sources of Public Service Improvement: A Critical Review and Research Agenda. Journal of Public Administration

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Dignity in the Workplace. The Perspective of Humanistic Management

References Adams, D.K. (2015). How to fire people with dignity. Fortune , (18.12.2017). Alvehus, J. and Jensen, T. (2015). Organisation . Lund: Studentlitteratur AB. Alvesson, M., Bridgman, T. and Willmott, H. (eds.) (2009). The Oxford Handbook of Critical Management Studies . Oxford: Oxford University Press, Baczyńska, A. and Korzyński, P. (2017). Leadership competencies among managers. Journal of Management and

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Positive Psychological Capital Concept: A Critical Analysis in the Context of Participatory Management

References Adler, P.S. and Kwon, S.W. (2002). Social Capital: Prospects for a New Concept. Academy of Management Review, 27(1): 17-40. Avey, J.B., Reichard R.J., Luthans, F. and Mhatre, K.H. (2011). Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Positive Psychological Capital on Employee Attitudes, Behaviors and Performance. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 22 (2): 127-152, Bandura, A. (1991). Social Cognitive Theory of Self-Regulation. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision

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Indicators as an Instrument of Measurement in Management Accounting in Logistics Enterprises in Poland

References Andersson, P., Hakan, A. and Nils, C.S. (1989). Measuring Logistics Performance. Engineering Costs and Production Economics, 17, Blum, H.S. (2006). Logistik-Controlling: Kontext, Ausgestaltung und Erfolgswirkungen. Wiesbaden: DUV. Brunner, J. (1999). Value Base Performance Management. New York, Czenskowsky, T. and Piontek, J. (2007). Marktorientiertes Controlling der Logistik und der Supply Chain

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Open Models of Innovation Processes as a Future Management Challenge for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Poland

References Baloh, P., Jha, S. and Awazu, Y. (2008). Building Strategic Partnerships for Managing Innovation Outsourcing. Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal, 1(2): 100-121: Bianchi, M., Orto, S.C., Frattini, F. and Vercesi, P. (2010). Enabling Open Innovation in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: How to Find Alternative Applications for Your Technologies. R and D Management, 40(4): 414-430, Britten, N. (1999

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An Influence of Strategic Awareness on Management Control: Evidence from Polish Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

References Abernethy, M.A. and Brownell, P. (1997). Management control systems in research and development organisations: the role of accounting, behaviour and personnel controls. Accounting, Organisations and Society, 22(3-4): 233-248. Abernethy, M.A. and Brownell, P. (1999). The role of budgets in organisations facing strategic change: an explanatory study. Accounting, Organisations and Society, 24(3): 189-204. Abernethy, A.M. and Lillis, A.M. (2001). Interdependencies in organisation design: a test in

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Sources of Strategic Information in Farm Management in Poland. Study Results

developments in economic theory: Information as an economic commodity. American Economic Review, 80(2): 268-273. Baldea, M. and Balteanu, A. (2014). The importance of information sources in effective listening process in organizations. Fiability & Durability, 1: 333-339. Bouchet, M.-L., Hopkins, T., Kotherll, M. and McKnight, C. (1988). The impact of information source use on decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry. Library Management, 19(3): 196-206, Brenner, M. (2005

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Contribution of Lean Management to Excellence

References Anthony, J. and Banuelas, R. (2002), “Key ingredients for the effective implementation of Six Sigma program”, Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. 6 No. 4, pp. 20-7. Asif M., Joost de Brijin, E., Douglas, Al, Fisscher, O. (2009), “Why quality management programs fail. A strategic and operations management perspective”, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management , Vol.26, No.8, pp.778-794. Beyer, J. M. Ashmos, D. P. and Osborn, R. N. (1997), “Contrast in enacting TQM: mechanistic vs organic ideology and implementation”, Journal

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