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Menadžment i Liderstvo / Management and Leadership

References Babić, M. i Lukić, Z. (2009). Management: theories, functions, institutional aspects and corporate governance. Banja Luka: Ekonomski fakultet. Drucker, P. (1974). Management. New York: Harper and Row Publishers. Erić, D. (2000). Introduction to Management. Ekonomski fakultet Beograd. Poallack, A. (1993). Honda Set To Increase U.S. Output. Retrived April 11, 2015. from Stoner, J., Freeman, E

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Predictors of the Effectiveness of Management Accounting Function in Nigerian Firms

REFERENCES Abdel-Kader, M., and Luther, R., 2008. The impact of firm characteristics on management accounting practices: A UK-based empirical analysis. The British Accounting Review, 40 (1), 2-27. doi: Achimugu, A., and Ocheni, S. I., 2015. Application of management accounting techniques in the public sector of Nigerian economy. Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa, 2 (4), 81-87. Adejuyigbe, S. B., Mogaji, P. B., and Adesida, V. K., 2013. Effective management accounting

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Ratings of Investment Appeal of Regions of Russia as a Tool of Assessment of Region Management Efficiency

. Knyazeva, I. and Bondarenko, I. (2014). System-based characteristics of ratings containing assessment of entrepreneurial and investing climate: ranking of Russia. Management issues, 4 (10) , p. 82-97. Knyazeva, I., Chirikhin S. and Bondarenko I. (2014). Empirical method of Assessment of the Competitive Environment in the Russian Federation: Characteristics and Methodological Review. ETAP: economic Theory, Analysis, and Practice, 3 , p. 53–71. National Rating Agency. (2014). Rating of investment appeal of regions of Russia-2014 . Retrieved March 30, 2016

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Quality Management in the Higher Education of the Republic of Moldova as a Framework for University Performance

References Aguinis, H., 2013. Performance management Retrieved from Armstrong, M., 2015. Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management: An evidence-based guide to delivering high performance (5th ed.). New Delhi, London: Kogan Page. Bădescu, A., Mirci, C., and Bogre, D., 2008. Managementul Resurselor Umane: manualul profesionistului Retrieved from Broadbent, J., 2007

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Internal Quality Process Management Evaluation in Higher Education by Students

, 2017, from . Aly, N. and Akpovi, J. (2001). Total quality management in California public higher education. Quality Assurance in Education , 9, 127–131. Bhuian, S. N. (2016). Sustainability of Western branch campuses in the Gulf Region: Students’ perspectives of service quality. International Journal of Educational Development , 49, 314–323. Brady, N. and Bates, A. (2016). The standards paradox: How quality

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Managers’ Support – A Key Driver behind Enterprise Risk Management Maturity

References Baxter, R., Bedard, J.C., Hoitash, R., & Yezegel, A. (2013). Enterprise Risk Management Program Quality: Determinants, Value Relevance and the Financial Crisis, Contemporary Accounting Research, 30(4), 1264-1295. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.1684807. Beasley, M.S., Clune, R., & Hermanson, D.R. (2005). Enterprise Risk Management: An Empirical Analysis of Factors Associated with the Extent of Implementation. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 24, 521-531. DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.11.144. Bertinetti, G

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Upravljanje Rizicima Osiguravajućih Kompanija / Risk Management of Insurance Companies

References Andrijanić, I. & Klasić, K. (2002). The technique of insurance and reinsurance. Zagreb: Mikrorad. Čolović, V. (2012). Risk management and insurance. Retrived January 29, 2015 from Dragosavac, M. (2012). Operational risks. Retrived January 15, 2015 from http:// Jeremić, Lj. (2012). Economics of Insurance. Univerzitet Singidumum Beograd. Kočović, J., Šulejić, P. & Rakonjac

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The Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Croatian Software Companies

References Afrifa, G. A. (2015). Net Working Capital, Cash Flow and Performance of UK SMEs. Cash Flow and Performance of UK SMEs (January 14, 2015). Afza, T., & Nazir, M. S. (2008). Working Capital Approaches and Firm’s Returns in Pakistan. Social Sciences, 1, 25-36. Ahmad, N., Nadeem, M., & Hamad, N. (2014). Impact of working capital on corporate performance A case study from cement, chemical and engineering sectors in Pakistan. Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, 3(7), 12

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Examining Financial Management Practices in the Context of Smart ICT Use: Recent Evidence from Croatian Entrepreneurs

REFERENCES Aaltonen, A., 2016. Factors Shaping Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and the RIse of Entrepreneurship: A View from Top Management Journals , Helsinki: Demos. Agyei, K. N., 2014. Small Scale Business Practice of Basic Financial Management With Regards to Liquidity. International Journal of Research In Social Sciences, 4(5), pp. 77-85. Baldigara, T., Štambuk, A. & Mamula, M., 2012. An Insight into the Internet Usage Evolution - A Quantitative Approach. Lovran, International Federation of Communication Associations, pp. 136

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