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Comparative analysis of soil magnetic susceptibility and concentration of rare earth elements in soil of problematic areas

.R., Wang, X., Li, T., Xue, W., Liu, Sh., Tian, H., Sun, X. and Zhou, D. (2012). Mineralogical and geochemical compositions of the Pennsylvanian coal in the Adaohai Mine, Daqingshan Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China: Modes of occurrence and origin of diaspore, gorceixite and ammonianillite. International Journal of Coal Geology, 94, pp. 250-270. Dearing, J.A. (1994). Environmental Magnetic Susceptibility. Using the Bartington MS2 System. Chi Publishing. UK: Kenilworth. Fabijańczyk, P., Zawadzki, J. and Magiera T. (2017). Magnetometric assessment of soil

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Influence of Magnetic Particles Concentration in Ferro-Oil on Values of Friction Force and Coefficient of Friction of Slide Journal Bearing

of magnetic particles in the aspect of pressure changes , Tribologia (in press), 2017. [6] Frycz, M., The ferro-oils viscosity depended simultaneously on the temperature and magnetic oil particles concentration η=η (T, ϕ) – part I , Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport, Vol. 23, No. 2, pp.113-120, 2016. [7] Frycz, M., Anioł, P., Impact of magnetic particles concentration in ferro-oil on its magnetic susceptibility coefficient χ , Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport, Vol. 21, No. 3, pp. 139-144, 2014. [8] Frycz, M., Czaban, A

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Porous Metallic Biomaterials Processing (Review) Part 1: Compaction, Sintering Behavior, Properties and Medical Applications

development of novel MRI compatible zirconium ruthenium alloys with ultralow magnetic susceptibility, NATURE, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 24414 (2016). [12] K. Mediaswanti et al. , A Review on Bioactive Porous Metallic Biomaterials, J Biomim Biomater Tissue Eng 18(1) (2013) 2-8. [15] G. Ryan, A. Pandit, D. Panagiotis-Apatsidis, Fabrication methods of porous metals for use in orthopaedic applications, Biomaterials 27 (2006) 2651–2670. [16] Montasser Dewidar, Influence of processing parameters and sintering atmosphere on the mechanical properties

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