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Application Of Magnetic Susceptibility of Soils for Identification of Potential Sources of Secondary Dust Emmision in Urban Parks

-42. MARCINEK J., KOMISAREK J. (red.) 2011. Systematyka gleb Polski. Rocz. Glebozn. 62, 3: ss. 193. MATYSEK D., RACLAVSKA H., RACLAVSKY K. 2008. Cor­relation between magnetic susceptibility and heavy metal con­centrations in forest soils of the Eastern Czech Republic. Jo­urnal of Environ. and Engineering Geoph. 13, 1: 13-26. NOWAK D.J., CRANE D.E., STEVENS J.C. 2006. Air pollu­tion removal by urban trees and shrubs in the United States. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 4, 3-4: 11S-123. SCHMIDT A., YARNOLD R., HILL M

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Impact of noise barriers on the dispersal of solid pollutants from car emissions and their deposition in soil

.M., Markowski G.R., Cass G.R., 1991. Chemicalcomposition of emissions from urban sources of fine organic aerosol. Environmental Science and Technology 25: 744-759 Hjortenkrans D.S.T., Bergbäck B.G., Häggerud A.V., 2007. Metal emissions from brake linings and tires: case studies of Stockholm, Sweden 1995/1998 and 2005. Environmental Science and Technology 41(15): 5224-5230. Hoffmann V., Knab M., Appel E., 1999. Magnetic susceptibility mapping of roadside pollution. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 66(1-2): 313-326. Hooda P

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