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Data Scattering in Strength Measurement of Steels and Glass/Epoxy Composite

References [1] W. Weibull, A statistical theory of the strength of materials, Proceeding of the Royal Swedish Institute of Engineering Research ,151,1 (1939). [2] J. Schijve, Statistical distribution functions and fatigue of structures, International Journal of Fatigue 27, 1031-1039, (2005) [3] S. Mohd, Y. Otsuka, Y. Miyashita, Y. Mutoh, Statistic characteristics of fatigue properties in magnesium alloy, Procedia Engineering 10, 1232, (2011) [4] Yan Lv, H.Cheng, Z. Ma, Procedia Engineering

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Determination of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient by Simple Thermal Analyze

Heat Transfer Coefficient at the Casting/Mold Interface for Permanent Mold Casting of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Materials Transactions, Vol. 47, No. 10 (2006) pp. 2547 to 2554, The Japan Institute of Metals [12] Alloy Kuo J H, Hsu F L, Hwang W S, Yeh J L, Chen S J Effects of Mold Coating and Mold Material on the Heat Transfer Coefficient at the Casting / Mold Interface for Permanent Mold Casting of A356 Aluminum Transactions of American Foundry Society, Volume 109, Pp 1-17, 2001 [13] Pedram Mehraram, Measuring Heat Transfer during Twin Roll Casting of Metals

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Porous Metallic Biomaterials Processing (Review) Part 1: Compaction, Sintering Behavior, Properties and Medical Applications

(6), (2012) 1452-1460. [68] V.K. Balla, S. Bose, N.M. Davis, A. Bandyapadhyay, Tantalum—A bioactive metal for implants, J. Miner. Met. Mater. Soc. 62 (7) (2005) 61. [69]. B.R. Levine, S. Sporer, et al., Experimental and clinical performanceof porous tantalum in orthopaedic surgery, Biomaterials 27 (2006) 4671-4681. [70] Xue-Nan GU, Yu-Feng ZHENG, A review on magnesium alloys as biodegradable materials, Front. Mater. Sci. China 4(2) (2010) 111–115. [71] Zibo Tang, Jialin Niu, Hua Huang, Hua Zhang, Jia Pei, Jingmin Ou, Guangyin Yuan

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