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Jakość życia chorych na chorobę Alzheimera / The life quality of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease


Introduction. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by progressive dementia process. There’s no medicine available to hinder that process. In case, the ill individual is unable to diagnose early symptoms of the disease, they call a doctor in the moment when a neurotic atrophy is irreversible. The patient is gradually losing self-reliance in everyday activities, the ability to take care of themselves, loses touch with the reality and surrounding world, begins to experience distressing symptoms and becomes isolated from the society. All these factors affect the life quality of an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Aim. The present article provides an analysis of literature on the quality of life in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Connection between psychological holistic factor and life satisfaction in old age – propensity score methods


Introduction. Holism has been poorly researched in the field of health and social gerontology. The old man is a whole, therefore he needs a holistic treatment. It means that we consider his bio-psycho-social and spiritual needs. The purpose of the research is to determine the relationship of a psychological holistic factor with life satisfaction in old age.

Material and methods. For the needs of the research work, a quantitative research method was used. A simple random sample was selected from the statistical set. The survey included 1064 elderly people in Slovenia (65 years and over) in ten statistical regions living in the domestic (n=532) and institutional (n=532). Environment. Sample realization was 61.6 % (656 correct questionnaires). According to demographic data, the survey involved 470 (71.6%) women and 186 (28.4%) men. The average age of the respondent was 78.2 years. The data was analyzed with the R MICE package. The analysis of causal effects and conditional associations advanced statistical methods, i.e. propensity score methods, and a questionnaire as a structured measurement instrument were used.

Results. Obtained research results imply a scientific contribution in the field of quality management of people in old age and their life quality. On the basis of statistical calculations, the hypothesis that the psychological holistic factor (R2=0.21) is related to life satisfaction in old age is confirmed. We proved that indexes: social networks (R2=0.176), positive emotions (R2=0.366), loneliness (R2=0.151), cognitive abilities (R2=0.162) studied within a psychological holistic factor affect life satisfaction.

Discussion and conclusion. Research confirmed that within the psychological factor, the most intimately related to life satisfaction is the emotional index, followed by the index of social networks, cognitive abilities and the last index of loneliness. For the holistic treatment of old man, in which the psychological factor is the only one of the four holistic factors, both structural and process changes are required for achievement of better outcomes, in our case, higher levels of satisfaction with life in old age.

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Relationship between the quality of life and the meaning of life in cancer patient

REFERENCES 1. Rustøen, T. Hope and quality of life, two central issues for cancer patients: a theoretical analysis. Cancer Nurs. 1995 Oct;18(5):355-361. 2. Webster K, Cella D. Quality of life in patients with low-grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Oncology. 1998;12:697-714. 3. Kurt AS, Çetinkaya S. Lösemili çocuklarda yaşam kalitesi ve hemşirelik bakýmý (Life quality in children with leukaemia and nursing care). Fýrat Saðlýk Hizmetleri Dergisi 2008;3:35-55. 4. Rodrigues AM. Determinants of Overall

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Effect of hydrotherapy on sleep deficiency among older people in integrated community health services in Pandak I Bantul

hydrotherapy on life quality and depression in elderly women over 50 years in Jahrom city in Iran. IIOAB J 2016;7:588-592. Haghayeghi M Kalani N Nikseresht A The effect of eight weeks of hydrotherapy on life quality and depression in elderly women over 50 years in Jahrom city in Iran IIOAB J 2016 7 588 592 4 Herlina. The effect of progressive relaxation muscle on quality of sleep among older people in Nengahan Trimurti Srandakan Bantul. Yogyakarta: Stikes Jenderal Achmad Yani Yogyakarta. 2016 (In Indonesian). Herlina The effect of progressive

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Effects of traditional Chinese medicine nursing combined with conventional nursing in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis

nursing in patients with COPD. COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; s.e. = standard error; TCM = traditional Chinese medicine. 4 Discussion To our knowledge, this comprehensive and detailed meta-analysis is the first to evaluate the association between TCM nursing combined with conventional nursing and conventional nursing alone in treating COPD. This meta-analysis presents us with the evidence that TCM nursing combined with conventional nursing can provide patients with COPD a higher life quality, better lung function, preferable clinical

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