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Operationalising Responsible Research and Innovation – tools for enterprises

Introduction Technological progress and radical innovation carry promise of a higher life quality but at the same time are inseparably connected with risks and uncertainties. Many inventions also raise critical ethical issues. Genetically modified organisms (including food), vaccinations (especially for children), shale gas drilling, gene editing, mass surveillance, nanotechnologies, robotics, brain-machine interface – these are just examples of controversial topics where hopes and fears collide in society. Supporters and opponents of particular scientific

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

Performances by Systematic Problem Analysis with TRIZ. In: EPFL Lausanne, TRIZ Future Conference 14, Global Innovation Convention. Lausanne, Switzerland 11. Ciucan-Rusu, L., & Szabo, Z. (2013) The Pyramid of Entrepreneurship in Romania: Towards New Approach. In: B. Ramadani and C. Schneider, eds., Entrepreneurship in the Balkans. Springer-Verlag. 12. Danacica, D.E. (2006) Cluster Analysis in the Study of Life Quality on the Central and Eastern European Countries, Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, ZIREB, Vol.X,Nr.1, Croatia

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Socioeconomic Characteristics, Oral Care Habits and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life among the Parents of Pre-School Children in Klaipėda

:// (Accessed on 12/01/2016). Locker, D., & Quiñonez, C. (2009). Functional and psychosocial Impacts of oral disorders in Canadian adults: a national population survey. Journal of the Canadian Dental Association , 75(7), 521. Maida, C. A., Marcus, M., Spolsky, V. W., Wang, Y., & Liu, H. (2013). Socio-behavioral predictors of self-reported oral health-related quality of life. Quality of Life Research , 22(3), 559-566. Matilla, M. L., Rautava, P., Sillanpää, M., & Paunio, P. (2000). Caries in five-year-old children and associations with family

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