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Representation of Patriarchal Culture in New Media: A case study of News and Advertisement on


Patriarchal culture has become the dominant issue in online media. Recently, online news and advertising media have less gender perspective. Its content tends to position women as marginalized subjects receiving negative stereotypes. This study aims to review women’s reality in online media, in the form of: 1) news published on; 2) how women issues are presented by using gender perspective journalism. This research uses descriptive qualitative content analysis approach combined with discourse analysis method of Sara Mills with a focus on the position of the subject and the object. Tribun daily Media in its online form ( is the locus of this research. is selected because it ranks in big three news portal in Indonesia, having an extensive and strong network as they are supported by more than twenty regional press. The results show that media has not been fully able to raise women’s issue in the mainstream. The media still portrays women within the bond of patriarchal culture, discrimination, and consumeristic lifestyle. The power of patriarchy dominates the news which marginalizes women. News content and its features follow the pattern of male dominating power. has been legitimizing gender bias by accepting exploitation on female’s physical appearance as normal and acceptable. In other instances, does not highlight intellectual and leadership values of women as actors. News in online media should be reformed to be more gender sensitive.

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Different Web Credibility Assessment as a Result of One Year Difference in Education

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To Explore the Effectiveness of Digital and Experiential Marketing in Attracting Customer Participation in the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

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“Law and Order” vs. “Injustice and Defiance”: Al Jazeera and CNN Framing of the 2017 Temple Mount/Al Aqsa Mosque Crisis

“fortress crumbled”: The Israel-Jenin story in US news media. Communication, Culture & Critique, 3(1), 66-84. Iyengar, S., & Simon, A. (1993). News coverage of the Gulf crisis and public opinion: A study of agenda-setting, priming, and framing. Communication Research, 20(3), 365-383. Kempf, W. (2003). Constructive conflict coverage: A social psychological approach. Berlin: Regener. Korn, A. (2004). Reporting Palestinian casualties in the Israeli press: The case of Haaretz and the intifada. Journalism studies, 5(2), 247-262. Matthes, J

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Framing “the Other” in Times of Conflicts: CNN’s Coverage of the 2003 Iraq War

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Grammar Efficacy and Grammar Performance: An Exploratory Study on Arabic Learners

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Reconstructing Multiculturalism in Malaysia through Visual Culture

lacking. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol. 76 (1), pp. 52-75. Gudeman, R. H. 2002. Multiculturalism in Malaysia: Individual Harmony, Group Tension. Macalester International, Vol. 12 Malaysia: Crossroads of Diversity in Southeast Asia. Kamarudin, R. P. 2015. Why Multiculturalism does not work. Malaysia today. Available from Khalim, Z. & MS Norshidah 2010. Ethnic Relation among the Youth in Malaysia: Toward Fulfilling the Concept of One Malaysia

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The Geopolitics of Emilia Pardo Bazán’s La Quimera: Femme Fatale as Split Feminist Subject

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