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Historical Development of Analytical Methods for Anti-Doping Control

REFERENCE 1. Aguilera, R., Chapman, T. E., Starcevic, B., Hatton, C. K., & Catlin, D. H. (2001). Performance characteristics of a carbon isotope ratio method for detecting doping with testosterone based on urine diols: controls and athletes with elevated testosterone/epitestosterone ratios. Clinical Chemistry , 47 (2), 292-300. 2. Ayotte, C., Goudreault, D., & Charlebois, A. (1996). Testing for natural and synthetic anabolic agents in human urine. Journal of Chromatography B: Biomedical Sciences and Applications , 687 (1), 3-25. 3. Brooks, R

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Normal Values of Tissue-Muscle Perfusion Indexes of Lower Limbs Obtained with a Scintigraphic Method

REFERENCES 1. Niewiadomski D, Tryniszewski W, Marzec W, Brocki M, Mikosiński J, Raciborska I, Maziarz Z. The own method and program of isotope quantitatively assessment of perfusion in muscles of upper limbs (initial report). Nuclear Med Rev 2014;17,1:13-17 2. Tryniszewski W, Gadzicki M, Maziarz Z. The assessment of the range of normal values of lower limb perfusion indicators at rest and stress with the own radio isotopic method and program. ClinExp Med Lett 2008; 49(2): 107-113 3. Miles KA, Barber RW, Wraight EP, Cooper M, Appleton DS. Leg

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