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Uptake of Toxic Trace Metals (Cd, Pb) and Micro Nutrients (Cu, Zn, Mn) by Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum L.) Irrigated with Treated Effluents of Sugar Industry

environmental transfer models. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 42,117-30. [13] Dhillon, K.S., & Dhillon, S.K. (1996). Studies on toxicity of selenium and other elements in soil-plant animal system using radiotracer techniques. In: Sachdev MS, Sachdev P, Deb DL (eds) Isotopes and radiations in agriculture and environment research. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India 1996. [14] Dinelli, E., & Lombini, A. (1996). Metal distributions in plants growing on copper mine spoils in Northern Apennines, Italy: The evaluation of seasonal

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The Effect Of Saline Mine Waters Discharge From Hard Coal Mine On The Ecological State Of The Vistula River

prowadzenia monitoringu jednolitych części wód powierzchniowych i podziemnych. Dz. U., 2011, no. 258, poz. 1550. RÓŻKOWSKI, A. – PRZEWŁOCKI, K. 1974. Application of stable isotopes in mine hydrogeology taking Polish coal basin as an example. In Isotopes Techniques in Groundwater Hydrogeology, vol. 1, 1974, p. 481–502. SOBOLEWSKI, M. 1992. Ochrona wód przed zasoleniem. Biuro Studiów i Ekspertyz. Wydział Analiz Ekonomicznych i Społecznych, 1992, no. 79, p. 1–2.

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Content and Mobility of Strontium in Forest Soils According to North-South Transect in Poland

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The evaluation and determination of heavy metals pollution in edible vegetables, water and soil in the south of Tehran province by GIS

rice samples, Talanta, 74, pp. 1160-1165. [21] Jawad, I. (2010). The level of heavy metals in selected vegetables crops collected from Baghdad city markets, Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9, pp. 683-685. [22] Jonge, C. & Swami, K. (2010). ICP-MS determination of lead isotope ratios in legal and counterfeit cigarette tobacco samples, Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 46, pp. 484-494. [23] Karanja, N., Njenga, M., Prain, G., Kanethe, E. & Kironchi, G. (2010). Assessment of environmental and public health

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Change characteristics of DSi and nutrition structure at the Yangtze River Estuary after Three Gorges Project impounding and their ecological effect

changes of Si: N ratio on summer in Changjiang estuary before and after storage of Three Gorges Reservoir, Acta Ecologica Sinica, 26, pp. 2817-2826. (in Chinese) Zhang, C., Wang, L., Zhang, S. & Li, X. (1998). Geochemistry of rare earth elements in the mainstream of the Yangtze River, China, Applied Geochemistry, 13, pp. 451-462. Zhang, J., Wu, Y., Jennerjahn, T.C., Ittekkot, V. & He, Q. (2007). Distribution of organic matter in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary and their stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic ratios: Implications for

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Application of multivariate statistical techniques in the water quality assessment of Danube river, Serbia

., Fraunstein, F. & Veizer, J. (2002). Hydrochemistry and isotope geochemistry of the upper Danube River, Geochimica et Cosmoshimica Acta, 66, pp. 3839–3853. Pejman, A.H., Nabi Bidhendi, G.R., Karbassi, A.R., Mehrdadi, N. & Esmaeili Bidhendi, M. (2009). Evaluation of spatial and seasonal variations in surface water quality using multivariate statistical techniques, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 6, 3, pp. 467–476. Quinn, G.P. & Keough, M.J. (2002). Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists, Cambridge: Cambridge

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The effect of temperature on the efficiency of industrial wastewater nitrification and its (geno)toxicity

References Adamczyk, J., Hesselsoe, M., Iversen, N., Horn, M., Lehner, A., Nielsen, P.H., Schloter, M., Roslev, P. & Wagner, M. (2003). The isotope array, a new tool that employs substrate-mediated labeling of rRNA for determination of microbial community structure and function, Applied and Environmental Microbiology , 69, pp. 6875–6887. Anneser, B. (2004). Biodiversity and ecophysiology of nitrifying bacteria in wastewater treatment plants. Diploma thesis, Technical University of Munich, Germany. (in German) Anthonisen, A.C., Loehr, R

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Impact of Mining Dump on the Accumulation and Mobility of Metals in the Bytomka River Sediments

Heavy Metal Discharges from a Smelter in Deule-canal Sediments (Northern France): Concentration Levels and Chemical Fractionatio, Water, Air and Soil Pollution , 180, 83. [9] Boyle J.F. (2000). Rapid elemental analysis of sediment samples by isotope source XRF, Journal of Paleolimnology , 23, 213. [10] Bulska E. (2009). In Chemical Speciation - Problems and opportunities , D. Barałkiewicz, E. Bulska (Eds.), Malamut, Warszawa 2009. [11] Budak G. & Karabulut A. (1999). X-ray fluorescence analysis of malachite ore concentrates in the Narman region

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Assessment of bioaerosols in urban and rural primary schools using passive and active sampling methodologies

and orchard honeys, Applied Radiation and Isotopes , 69, 11, pp. 1592–1595. Almeida-Silva, M., Canha, N., Freitas, M.C., Dung, H.M. & Dionísio, I. (2011b). Air pollution at an urban traffic tunnel in Lisbon, Portugal – an INAA study, Applied Radiation and Isotopes , 69, 11, pp. 1586–1591. Almeida-Silva, M., Wolterbeek, H.Th. & Almeida, S.M. (2014a). Elderly exposure to indoor air pollutants, Atmospheric Environment , 85, pp. 54–63. Almeida-Silva, M., Almeida, S.M., Gomes, J.F., Albuquerque, P.C. & Wolterbeek, H.T. (2014b). Determination of

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Spatial distribution, environmental risk and source of heavy metals in street dust from an industrial city in semi-arid area of China

dust using energy dispersive X-ray fl uorescence (EDXRF), Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 58, pp. 339-346. Zhang, M.M., Lu, X.W, Chen, H., Gao, P.P. & Fu, Y. (2015). Multi-element characterization and source idenfi cation of trace metal in road dust from an industrial city in sedmi-humid area of Northwest China, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 303, pp. 637-646. Zhao, H.T. & Li, X.Y. (2013). Risk assessment of metals in road-deposited sediment along an urban-rural gradient, Environmental Pollution, 174, pp. 297

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