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Methodology for preliminary assessment of the radioactivity in natural waters

Health of the Federation of Russia, FC GSEN, №3 (84), pp. 13–15. [5] Muzafarov, A.M., Sattarov, G., Dumbrava, A.A., Petukhov, O.F., Oslopovsky, S.A. (2005): Investigation of the isotopic composition of uranium alpha-spectrometry. Mining Bulletin of Uzbekistan, 22, pp. 94–98. [6] Muzafarov, A.M., Sattarov, G.S., Glotov, G.N., Kist, A.A. (2011): On the issue of violation of the balance between the coefficient of radioactive uranium isotopes. Mining Bulletin of Uzbekistan, 29, pp. 137–139. [7] Muzafarov, A.M., Sattarov, G.S., Kutbeddinov, A

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Radioactive characterization of Ar-Rassafeh Badyieh area (Area-2), Syria by using Statistical factor analysis technique

References Aissa M., Jubeli Y., 1997: Carborne gamma-ray spectrometric survey of an Area, East of Homs, central Syria. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 48 , 1, 135–142. Al-Kawaz H. A., Aljubouri Z. A., 2006: Mineralogy and petrography of marl sediments within the Fat’ha formation in selected parts of northern Iraq. Raf. Jour. Sci., 17 , 1, 19–31. Asfahani J., 2002: Phosphate prospecting using natural gamma ray well logging in the Khneifiss Mine, Syria. Exploration and Mining Geology, 11 , 61–68. Asfahani J., Aissa M., Al-Hent R., 2005

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Fracture zones detection for groundwater exploration integrating Resistivity Profiling and Very Low Frequency electromagnetic methods (Errachidia basin, Morocco)

References Amharref M., 1991: Contribution to the hydrogeological study of the valley of the Ziz: The respective effects of drought and the Hassan Addakhil dam on the downstream water resources (Contribution à l’étude hydrogéologique de la vallée de Ziz. Incidence respective de la sécheresse et du barrage Hassan Addakhil sur les ressources en eau en aval). Thesis, Uni. Besançon, 232 p. (in French). Ammary B., 2007: Geochemical and isotopic study of the main aquifers of the Cretaceous Basibn of Errachidia and the Tafilalt plain (Etude géochimique et

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Contribution to Understanding of Ore Fluids in the Zletovo Mine Based on Fluid Inclusion Data

; 176 p. [12] Mudrinić, C., Serafimovski, T. (1990–91): Geochemical and geochronological examinations by isotopes in Zletovo ore field. Geologica Macedonica , 5(1), pp. 105–120. [13] Serafimovski, T., Tasev, G. (2003): The Zletovo Subvolcanic Hydrothermal Pb-Zn Mineral Deposit in the Republic of Macedonia. Geodynamicsand Ore Deposit Evolution of the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaride Province. Final GEODE-ABCD Workshop. Programme and Abstracts. Seggauberg, Austria, 22–24 March, 2003, pp. 50–51. [14] Goldstein, R.H., Reynolds, T.J. (1994

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Spatial distribution and origin of coalbed gases at the working faces of the Velenje Coal Basin, Slovenia, since the year 2000

References [1] Atkins, P.W. (1994): Physical Chemistry, fifth ed. Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford, pp. 1031. [2] Brezigar, A. (1987): Coal seam of the Velenje coal mine. Geologija 28, pp. 319–336 (in Slovene with English summary). [3] Coplen, T.B. (1996): New guidenices for reporting stable hydrogen, carbon and oxygen isotopes ratio data. Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta , 60, pp. 390–3360. [4] Faiz, M, Hendry, P. (2006): Significance of microbial activity in Australian coal bed methane reservoirs-a review. Bull. Can. Pet. Geol., 54, pp. 261

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Geochemistry of Fluvial Sediments from Geregu, Southwest Nigeria

classification of terrigenous sands and shales from core or log data. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 58 (5), pp. 820-829. [25] Barat, J., Zanda, B., Moynier, F., Bollinger, C., Liorzou, C., Bayon, G. (2012): Geochemistry of CI-Chondrites: Major and trace elements, and Cu and Zn Isotopes. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 83, pp. 79-92. [26] Tang, Y. Sang, L., Yuan, Y., Zhang, Y., Yang, Y. (2012): Geochemistry of Late Triassic politic rocks in the NE part of Songpan-Ganzi Basin, western China: Implications for source weathering, provenance and

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Regional turbidites and turbiditic environments developed during Neogene and Quaternary in Croatia

Maximum: evidence from northwestern Australia to constrain ice volumes for oxygen isotope stage 2. Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol. , 165, pp. 281–297. [31] Nakada, M., Lambeck, K. (1988): The melting history of the Late Pleistocene Antarctic ice sheet. Nature , 333, pp. 36–40. [32] Balić, D., Malvić, T. (2013): Pliocene-Quaternary deposition and stratigraphy of the Neretva River Mouth, example of the Croatian Adriatic Coast. Geol. Q. , 57/2, pp. 233–242. [33] Frignani, M., Langone, L. (1991): Accumulation rates and 137 Cs distribution in

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Using Cuttlebone Powder to Produce Green Concrete

., 2006. Stable isotope records from Sepia officinalis-a key to understanding the ecology of belemnites? Earth and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 247 no. 3–4, pp. 212–221. Sui, Y.W., Qiao, P.F., Tian, Q.B., Yue, X.T., and Li, J., 2018. Properties of RPC with calcium carbonate concrete waste powder. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering , 371, pp. 1-7. Supit, S.W.M., and Shaikh, F.U.A., 2014. Effect of nano-CaCO3 on compressive strength development of high volume fly ash mortars and concretes. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology , vol

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