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Assessing the Absorption Degree of the Nitrogen Forms from Soil into Plant Using the 15N Isotope as a Marker

References Axente D., Marcu C., Mureşan A., Kacsar M., Mişan I., Openeciu G., Gligan N., Cristea G., 2010. Experimental plant for simultaneous production of 14N and 15N by 15N/14N exchange in NO, NO2 - HNO3 system under pressure. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies. Germania, Vol. 46 (2), 242-248. Butterbach-Bahl K., Baggs E.M., Dannenmann M., Kiese R., Zechmeister-Boltenstern S., 2013. Nitrous oxide emissions from soils: how well do we understand the processes and their controls? Phil Trans R. Soc. B 368: 20130122

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Production of selenium-enriched milk and dairy products

from wheat, garlic, and cod intrinsically labeled with Se-77 and Se-82 stable isotopes. Int. J. Vit. Nutr. Res., 75. (2005) 179-186. [18] V. Gergely, E. Kápolna, Á. Süle, Gy. Hajós, M. Dernovics, P. Fodor, Preparative liquid isoelectric focusing (Potofor IEC) based Sespeciation of Se-enriched Agricus bisporus. J. Anal. Atom. Spectr., 19. (2004) 1485-1488. [19] D. H. Holben, A. M. Smith, The diverse role of selenium within selenoproteins: a review. J. Am. Diet. Ass., 99. (1999) 836-843. [20] M. Horacsek, A. Lugasi, É

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Landscape degradation at different spatial scales caused by aridification

References: ALBERT, B. M. (2015): Holocene aridification, vegetation change, sedimentation regime and limits of carbon isotope data as indicated by the alluvial pollen sites of Arroyo Grande and El Molino in North-Central Mexico. Quaternary International, 377(7): 2–17. BARTHOLY, J., PONGRÁCZ, R. (2010): Analysis of precipitation conditions for the Carpathian Basin based on extreme indices in the 20 th century and climate simulations for the 21 st century. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Parts A/B/C 35(1): 43–51. BARTHOLY, J., PONGRÁCZ, R

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The role of selenium in nutrition – A review

. Fox et al., Absorption of selenium from wheat, garlic, and cod intrinsically labelled with Se-77 and Se-82 stable isotopes. International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research , 75. (2005) 179–186. [35] K. F. Gey, Vitamins E plus C and interacting conutrients required for optimal health. A critical and constructive review of epidemiology and supplementation data regarding cardiovascular disease and cancer. Biofactors , 7. (1998) 113–74. [36] J. L. Gómez-Ariza, D. Sanchez-Rodas, E. Morales, O. Herrgott, I. L. Marr, Inorganic and organic selenium

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Unveil the traces of ancient mining

Federazione Speleologica Toscana, Gavorrano, pp. 111-138. Casini, A. (2001) La miniera del Temperino. Percorso didattico. Ed. Parchi Val di Cornia Piombino. Dini, A., Vezzoni, S. and Rocchi, S. (2013) Geologia e minerogenesi: evoluzione del pensiero scientifico nel Campigliese. Rivista Mineralogica Italiana vol. 1 (2013), 21-27. Feldstein, S. N., Halliday, A. N., Davies G. R. and Hall C. M. (1994) Isotope and chemical microsampling: Constraints on the history of an S-type rhyolite, San Vincenzo, Tuscany, Italy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol

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Identification of prospective geosites that show features of the active continental margin in eastern Kii Peninsula, Southwest Japan

.1061 Shibata, K., and Nishimura, Y. (1989) Isotope ages of Sangun crystalline schists, Southwest Japan. Memoirs of Geological Society of Japan , 33, 317-341 (In Japanese) Suzuki D. (2014) Selecting potential geosites in eastern Kii Peninsula, SW Japan. The second International Symposium of International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project 608 in Waseda Suzuki, D., Takagi, H. (2017) Evaluation of geosites for sustainable planning and management in geotourism. Geoheritage, p.1-13. Doi: 10.1007/s1237-017-0225-4 Suzuki, D., Takagi, H., Kawamoto, K

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Radioactive Pollution Generated by the Electric Powers Using Coal as Combustible

, R., Risk other than attack - substances transportation, The 21st International Conference Knowledge Based Organization, Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy, pp. 857-860, Sibiu, Romania, 2015. [29] Reveica I.M., Radioactivity and radioactive isotope circuit in the environment, Ed. Universităţii din Bucureşti, 1998. [30]

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