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Characterization of the Hammamet basin aquifer (North-East of Algeria) through geochemical and geostructural methods and analysis

REFERENCES A raguas L.J., D iaz T eijeiro M.F. 2005. Isotope composition of precipitation and water vapour in the Iberian Peninsula: first results of the Spanish network of isotopes in precipitation. In: International atomic energy agency – isotopic composition of precipitation in the Mediterranean Basin in relation to air circulation patterns and climate. Vienna. IAEA-TECDOC-1453 p. 173–190. B aghdadi M., M eddah R., R ais J., N adem S., A fdali M. 2013. Evaluation of water quality in open channels flowing through Beni-Mellal City (Morocco

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Physicochemical and isotopical characterization of groundwater in the basin of Guelma, North-East of Algeria

B., H adji R., H amad A., H amed Y. 2018. Groundwater mixing and geochemical assessment of low-enthalpy resources in the geothermal field of southwestern Tunisia. Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration. Vol. 3. Iss. 16. DOI 10.1007/s41207-018-0055-z. C havan B.L., Z ambare N.S. 2014. Physicochemical analysis of groundwater samples in Solapur City, Maharashtra, India. International Journal of Research in Civil Engineering Architecture and Design. Vol. 2. Iss. 3 p. 7–12. C raig H. 1961. Isotopic variations in meteoric waters

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Identification of marine intrusion in the plain of Collo, northeastern Algeria

Water Resources Association (IWRA). Montpellier, France. University of Montpellier p. 73–87. E l Y aouti F., E l M andour A., K hattach D., B enavente J., K aufmann O. 2009. Salinization processes in the unconfined aquifer of Bou-Areg (NE Morocco): A geostatistical, geochemical, and tomographic study. Applied Geochemistry. Vol. 24 p. 16–31. G attacceca J., V allet -C oulomb C., M ayer A., C laude C., R adakovitch O., C onchetto E., H amelin B. 2009. Isotopic and geochemical characterization of salinization in the shallow aquifers of a

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Thermo-mineral waters of Hammam Meskoutine (north-east Algeria): Composition and origin of mineralization

References AIT-OUALI A. 2015. Geothermal exploration under geology and geophysics methods in North Algeria. Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015. Melbourne, Australia, 19-25 April 2015 p. 1-7. ARNÓRSSON S. 2000. Isotopic and chemical techniques in geothermal exploration, development and use. Ed. S. Arnórsson. Vienna. International Atomic Energy Agency. ISBN 92-0-101600-X pp. 351. BERKANI C., HOUHA B. 2016. Hydro-geochemical characterization of water springs of the Aurès region (north-eastern Algeria

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Geochemical status and interactions between soil and groundwater systems in the area of Akrefnio, Central Greece. Risk assessment, under the scope of mankind and natural environment

, Greece, 14-20 April 2004. Tziritis E., 2009. Groundwater and soil geochemistry of Eastern Kopaida region (Beotia, central Greece). Central European Journal of Geosciences, 1, 2: 219-226. Tziritis E., Kelepertzis A., Stamatakis M. G., 2008. Hydrogeochemical and environmental conditions of East Kopaida-Yliki karst groundwater system. 8 th International Hydrogeological Congress, Athens, Greece, 2: 733-742. Zhu G. F., Li Z. Z., Su Y. H., Ma J. Z., Zhang Y. Y., 2007. Hydrogeochemical and isotope

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Assessment of groundwater salinity and risk of soil degradation in Quaternary aquifer system. Example: Annaba plain, Algeria N-E

'Algérie Nord orientale et les formations environnantes dans leur cadre structural [The ultra tellienne series of North Eastern Algeria and surrounding formations in their structural framework]. PhD Thesis. Montpellier. Univ. of Montpellier pp. 238. L aouar R., B oyce A.J., A hmad Said Y., O uabadi A. 2002. Stable isotope study of the igneous, metamorphic and mineralized rocks of the Edough complex, Annaba, Northeast Algeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences. Vol. 35. Iss. 2 p. 271–283. L ekoui S. 2010. Evaluation du risque lié aux sites pollués en milieu

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Salinity and modelling of the Annaba aquifer system, North-East of Algeria

and isotopic responses: Case of the Annaba-Bouteldja aquifer system]. Africa Geosciences Review. Vol. 10. No. 3 p. 267–280. L amouroux L., H ani A. 2006. Identification of groundwater flow paths in complex systems aquifer. Hydrological Processes. Vol. 20. Iss. 14 p. 2971–2987. M c D onald M.G., H arbaugh A.W. 1988. A modular three-dimensional finite-difference groundwater flow model. Open-file Report 83–875. Washington, DC, U.S. Geological Survey pp. 528. N euman S.P. 1990.Universal scaling of hydraulic conductivities and dispersivities in

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Hydro-chemical and microbiological characterization of Lower Cretaceous waters in a semi-arid zone Beni-Ounif syncline, South-West of Algeria

. Caractérisation physico-chimiques des eaux de la source ain salama jerri (Région de Meknès) [Physico-chemical characterization of the waters of the source Ain Salama jerry (Meknes region)]. Science Lib Editions Mersenne. Vol. 4 No. 120106. ISSN 2111-4706. H amed Y. 2009. Caractérisation hydrogéologique, hydrochimique et isotopique du système aquifère de Moularés-Tamerza [Hydrogeological, hydrochemical and isotopic characterization of the Moularés-Tamerza aquifer system]. PhD Thesis. Sfax. University of Sfax pp. 280. H amed Y., A hmadi R., D emdoum A., G argouri

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Applied structural equation model in sustainable development of water resources management

. Qualitative interpretation of physico-chemical and isotopic parameters in the Krka River (Croatia) assessed by multivariate statistical analysis. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 92. Iss. 10 p. 1187–1199. D aneshmand S., H uat B.B., M oayedi H., A li T.A.M. 2011. Study on water quality parameters of Linggi and Melaka Rivers catchments in Malaysia. Engineering Journal. Vol. 15. Iss. 4 p. 41–52. DID 2018. The average discharge of Melaka River [online]. Kuala Lumpur. Department of Irrigation and Drainage. Ministry of Water, Land

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Groundwater property and composition variability under long-term irrigated area of Wonji Plain, Ethiopia

: Considerations arising from the modelling of Mamora coastal aquifer, Morocco. Hydrological Processes. Vol. 19. Iss. 18 p. 3765–3782. K arro E., U ppin M. 2013. The occurrence and hydrochemistry of fluoride and boron in carbonate aquifer system, central and western Estonia. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Vol. 185 p. 3735–3748. L aar C., A kiti T.T., B rimah A.K., F ianko J.R., O sae S., O sei J. 2011. Hydrochemistry and Isotopic Composition of the Sakumo Ramsar Site. Research Journal of Environtal and Earth Science. Vol. 3. Iss. 2 p. 146

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