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Morphological and histometric parameters of the thyroid gland in slaughter cattle

morphometry and two markers of cellular proliferation. Acta Vet Brno 72: 11-16. La Perle KMD, Blomme EAG, Capen CC, Jhiang SM (2003): Effect of exogenous human sodium iodine symporter expression on growth of MATLyLu cells. Thyroid 13: 133-140. Kaufmann S, Kursa J, Kroupová V, Rambeck WA (1998): Iodine in milk by supplementing feed. An additional strategy to erase iodine deficiency. Vet Med-Czech 6: 173-179. Krabačová I (2002): Morphological and functional changes of the thyroid gland at different

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Effect of High Iodine Intake on Selected Parameters of Immunity in Sheep

1997, 25 , 361-365. 9. Christley R.M., Morgan K.L., Parkin T.D.H., French N.P.: Factors related to the risk of neonatal mortality, birth-weight and serum immunoglobulin concentration in lambs in the UK. Prev Vet Med 2003, 57 , 209-226. 10. Doubek J.: Interpretace základních biochemických a hematologických nálezů u zvířat. Noviko, Brno, 2007, p. 78. [in Czech]. 11. Dunn J.T., Delange F.: Damaged reproduction: the most important consequence of iodine deficiency. J Clinic Endocrinol Metab 2001, 86 , 2360

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The effect of preliminary processing and different methods of cooking on the iodine content and selected antioxidative properties of carrot (Daucus carota L.) biofortified with (potassium) iodine

vegetables under fresh and frozen conditions. J. Agric. Food Chem. 51: 2222-2226. Palermo M., Pellegrini N., Fogliano V., 2014. The effect of cooking on the phytochemical content of vegetables. J. Sci. Food Agric. 94: 1057-1070. Pascual -Teresa S., Moreno D.A., Garcia-Viguera C., 2010. Flavanols and anthocyanins in cardiovascular health: a review of current evidence. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 11: 1679-703. Patrick L., 2008. Iodine: deficiency and therapeutic considerations. Altern. Med. Rev. 13(2): 116-127. Pellegrini

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Effects of tiletamine-xylazine-tramadol combination and its specific antagonist on AMPK in the brain of rats

, AMPK, and Sirt1: key players of metabolic stress management. Critical Rev Eukaryotic Gene Exp 2015, 25, 59–75. 4. Craps J., Joris V., De J.B., Sonveaux P., Horman S., Lengelé B., Bertrand L., Many M.C., Colin I.M., Gérard A.C.: Involvement of mTOR and regulation by AMPK in early iodine deficiency-induced thyroid microvascular activation. Endocrinology 2016, 157, 2545–2559. 5. Dyck J.R., Kudo N., Barr A.J., Davies S.P., Hardie D.G., Lopaschuk G.D.: Phosphorylation control of cardiac acetyl-CoA carboxylase by cAMP-dependent protein kinase and 5’-AMP

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