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English language proficiency and academic performance of Nursing Students speaking English as a second language

. The Relationship between English Language Proficiency, Academic Achievement and Self-Esteem of Non-Native-English-Speaking Students. Int Educ Stud [Internet]. 2016;9(5):147. Available from: 9. Garone A, Van de Craen P. The role of language skills and internationalization in nursing degree. Nurse Educ Today. 2017;49:140–144. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2016.11.012 10. Sahragard R, Baharloo A, Soozandehfar A. A closer look at the relationship between academic achievement and language proficiency

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Characteristics and Current Situation of Urban Forests in Kharkiv Region

References Andresen, J.W. 1978. Internationalization of urban forestry. Journal of Arboriculture, 4 (11), 250-257. Basos, N. 2008. Recent problems of urban forestry in Ukraine. In: Proceedings of the International Youth Science Environmental Forum “ECOBALTICA- 2008” (eds.: M.P. Fiodorov, W. Hogland, V.Yu. Rud’), 26-28 June 2008, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 103-105. Forest Code of Ukraine (in Ukrainian). Available at (access on 21 March 2017). Forests of

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Barriers and facilitators to conducting research by early career psychiatrists: a literature review

of psychiatric education and practise’ European Psychiatry : the journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists vol. 17 no. 5 300 305 Sedvall, G.C. 2002, ‘Internationalization of psychiatric research - the prospective for the European Association of Psychiatrists’, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, vol. 105, no. 5, pp. 321–323. 10.1034/j.1600-0447.2002.2e004.x Sedvall G.C. 2002 ‘Internationalization of psychiatric research - the prospective for the European Association of Psychiatrists’ Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica vol. 105 no. 5

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Brief communication (Original). The accuracy of the Broselow tape in the weight estimation of Thai children

, Krishnamoorthi R, Strehlow M, Quinn J, Mahadevan SV. Internationalizing the Broselow tape: how reliable is weight estimation in Indian children. Acad Emerg Med. 2008; 15:431-6. 13. Bourdeau S, Copeland J, Milne WK. Accuracy of the Broselow tape in estimating the weight of First Nations children. Can J Rural Med. 2011; 16:121-5. 14. Knight JC, Nazim M, Riggs D, Channel J, Mullet C, Vaughan R, et al. Is the Broselow tape a reliable indicator for use in all pediatric trauma patients?: A look at a rural trauma center. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2011; 27

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Off-Field Competition at Major Sport Events. Case Study of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

., & McCarthy, L. (2005). Internationalising ambush marketing - a comparative study. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship , 6(4), 216-230. Shani, D., & Sandler, D. M. (1998). Ambush marketing: is confusion to blame for the flickering of the flame? Psychology & Marketing , 15(4), 367-383. Shank, M. D. (1999). Sports Marketing - strategic perspective. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Stotlar, D. K. (1993). Sponsorship and the olympic winter Games. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 2 (1), 35

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Review. Approaches for Health Technology Assessment in Europe: Situational Analysis

: 4. Battista RN. Towardsaparadigm for technology assessment. The scientific basis of health services. BMJGlob Health. 1996;312(7036):11-8. 5. Menon D, Marshal D. The internationalization of health technology assessment. Int JTechnol Assess Health Care. 1996;12(1):45-51. 6. Goodman CS. Introduction to health technology assessment. Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US); 2004. 7. Brooks H, Bowers R. The assessment of technology. Science. 1970

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A Systematic Literature Review on Ambush Marketing in Sport

logos on clothing, equipment and venues at the 2006 Winter Olympics. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 9 (4), 290-305. Sandler, D.M., & Shani, D. (1989). Olympic Sponsorship vs. ‘Ambush’ Marketing: Who Gets the Gold? Journal of Advertising Research, 29 (4), 9-14. Séguin, B., Lyberger, M., O’Reilly, N.J., & McCarthy, L. (2005). Internationalising ambush marketing: a comparative study. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, 6 (4), 216-230. Shani, D., & Sandler, D.M. (1998a). Ambush marketing: Is confusion

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The autonomy-oriented approach as a way to develop higher medical education

medical training is organised; Fourth, there are many university teachers who are not ready to face the modern challenges of higher medical education, completely rethink traditional study goals and strategies of teaching in order to provide optimal challenges for students, ensure a diversity of learning experiences, built in accordance with the possibilities and the needs of all student categories, making students feel competent, supporting their autonomy [ 1 , 2 ] and internationalising the content of higher education [ 3 ]. Fifth, despite proclaimed transformation

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Out-look on the development of Russian education in the context of world trends

account all negative consequences of the impact of digital technologies on people and they should not make them a means of destroying the domestic education, culture and morality. If digital technologies are put at the service of a person, Russian higher schools will be really modernized, as well as medical education in general. Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest Statement We declare that there is no conflict of interests. References 1 Komleva VV. Russia in the context of new world trends in internationalization of higher education. Central

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Medical exchange project for students and young doctors between Japan and Russia

Japanese MEXT in 2014. As for “Priority placement program” only outstanding international students are accepted as government-sponsored students. They study as graduate students; their tuition fees and living expenses are paid. The aim of “Re-inventing Japan” program is to foster young leaders who can cope with recent rapid internationalization of medicine. Close partnership is very important for bidirectional exchange programs, as it is essential to develop an interaction strategy, to settle differences in academic systems and educational standards [ 9 ]. KrasSMU

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