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A Golden Decade
Exploring Internationalization in Nordic Communication Research


The five countries of the Nordic region have a common cultural and historical background. In the field of communication, they share institutions, conferences, publications and networks. In order to reveal how this shared tradition is manifested in scientific communication, the present text analyses the evolution of publication patterns of Nordic communication scholars by applying bibliometric techniques to over five hundred articles published in international scientific journals from 2001 to 2010. Different parameters were analysed: institution and country of origin, number of authors, typology of collaborations, topics studied and the level of specialization.

During the decade under study, the presence of Nordic scholars in international journals doubled, manifesting the growing internationalization of Nordic communication research. Co-authorship patterns predominantly involve collaboration with Anglo-Saxon scholars, particularly North American. A high level of specialization was found in areas such as technologies and new media, which was reflected in the journals chosen as vehicles for publication

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The Social Media Experiences of Long-term Patients: Illness, Identity, and Participation

: sociotechnical practices of providing and using online health information”. New Media & Society 11(7): 1123-1142. Miller, Daniel (2011) Tales from Facebook. Cambridge: Polity Press. Moe, Hallvard (2011) “Mapping the Norwegian Blogosphere: Methodological Challenges in Internationalizing Internet Research”. Social Science Computer Review 29(3): 313- 26. Murero, Monica & Rice, Ronald (eds.) (2006) The Internet and Health Care. Theory, Research, Practice. New York: Routledge. Nettleton, Sarah (2013) The Sociology of

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Open Standards in Scientific Communication and Publishing

:// Torras, M-C. & Vaagan, R. (2006) ‘Websites and Internationalisation. A Survey of Norwegian Academic, Research and Special libraries’, Libri, 56 (1) March 2006, 28-37 Vaagan, R. (2006) ‘Open Access and Bakhtinian Dialogism’, in Martens, B & Dobreva, M. ELPUB2006. Digital Spectrum: Integrating Technology and Culture. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Electronic Publishing held in Bansko, Bulgaria 14-16 June 2006, 165-174. Vaagan, R. (2005) ‘Trends in Norwegian Scholarly Publishing’, in Dobreva, M. & Engelen, J. (eds

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Moulding Cultural Capital into Cosmopolitan Capital
Media practices as reconversion work in a globalising world

Education. New York: Greenwood. Bourdieu, Pierre & Wacquant, Loic (1992). An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology . Cambridge: Polity Press. Bühlmann, Felix; David, Thomas & Mach, André (2013). Cosmopolitan Capital and the Internationalization of Business Elites: Evidence from the Swiss Case. Cultural Sociology , 7(2): 211-229. Calhoun, Craig (2002). The Class Consciousness of Frequent Travelers: Toward a Critique of Actually Existing Cosmopolitanism. The South Atlantic Quarterly , 101(4): 869-897. Chouliaraki, Lilie (2008). The Mediation of

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The Rise and Fall of NWICO
From a Vision of International Regulation to a Reality of Multilevel Governance

UNESCO [Two case studies: The USA leaves the ILO and UNESCO], in Huldt, B. & Falk, M. (eds.) FN vid 40 - Internationellt samarbete i kris. Stockholm: Utrikespolitiska Institutet. Beam, S. (1992) Surveying the Territory: Re-examining MacBride and Theories of Development. Gazette 50(1992)2-3, 109-146. Beltrán, L.R. (1980) Farewell to Aristotle: Horizontal Communication. Communication (1980)5, 5-41. Biernatzki, W. (ed.) (1992) The Internationalization of Communications Law. Communication Research Trends 12(1992)4, 1

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

1 Introduction This article is an extended version of my invited Luojia Lecture for Wuhan University on 30 th October 2018 with the same title as above. I use this opportunity to go deeper into some of the topics of the lecture by combining the perspectives and updating the results of four recent studies. One of them ( Sivertsen, 2016a ) presents the patterns of internationalization and discusses the criteria for research assessment in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). The second study ( Sivertsen, 2018a ) focuses on the use of language for internal

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