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The Bank and Credit Union Disasters in Lithuania: Where Were the Lawyers?

References 1. Bainbridge, Stephen M. “Corporate Lawyers as Gatekeepers.” Journal of Scholarly Perspectives Vol. 8, No. 1 (2012): 1-20 // 2. Barry, Brock E., and Matthew W. Ohland. “Applied Ethics in the Engineering, Health, Business, and Law Professions: A Comparison.” Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 98, No. 4 (2009): 377-388. 3. Harrington, Joanna. “The New National Standard for the Canadian Common Law Degree: What place for Internationalization in Our

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Can a Sovereign State Declare Bankruptcy?

Raffer, Kunibert. "Solving Sovereign Debt Overhang by Internationalizing Chapter 9 Procedures." University of Klagenfurt, 2002 // Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts . Resolution 56/83 of the United Nations (2002 01 28). Roubini, Nouriel, and Brad Setser. Bailouts or Bail-ins? Responding to Financial Crises in Emerging Economies . Institute for International Economics, 2004. Russia v

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Jurisdiction Collisions In The Criminal Proceedings Of European Union Member States

Europos arešto orderio reglamentavimo ir taikymo aspektai“ [Europeization of Criminal Procedure: some Issues of Constitutional and Procedural Aspects of European Arrest Warrant Regulation and Application]: 82–138. In: Raimundas Jurka, et al . Baudžiamojo proceso tarptautiškumas: patirtis ir iššūkiai [The Internationalization of Criminal Procedure: Experience and Challenges. Vilnius: Mykolo Romerio universitetas, 2013. 4. De Capitani, Emilio, and Steeve Peers. “The European Investigation Order: A New Approach to Mutual Recognition in Criminal Matters

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Model of Civil Service in Lithuania's Public Policy

Grotz and Th. A. J. Toonen, eds. Crossing Borders: Constitutional Development and Internationalisation. Essays in Honour of Joachim Jens Hesse . Berlin, New York: de Gruyter Recht, 2008. Žilinskas, Dainius. "Valstybės tarnybos reforma: poreikis, kryptys ir galimybės (Civil service reform: need, trends and opportunities)": 123-132. In: Valstybės tarnybos teisinis reguliavimas ir perspektyvos Lietuvos Respublikoje (Legal regulation of civil service and its perspectives in the Republic of Lithuania). Vilnius: LIVADIS, 2008

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The Role Of Ethics In Legal Education Of Post-Soviet Countries

Education in Post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine.” Or. L. Rev. 72 (1993): 963-976. 20. Green, C. H., & A. P. Howe. The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust . John Wiley & Sons, 2012. 21. Harrington, J. “The New National Standard for the Canadian Common Law Degree: What place for internationalization in our Strategic Planning.” IALS Conference on Teaching, Legal Education and Strategic Planning (April 2011): 13-15. 22. Hellman, L. K. “At the Intersection of Curricular and Pedagogical Choices in Legal Education

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement and the Future of the Precautionary Principle

goods and services, employ, navigate, exploit communal resources, and take business decisions.” Caroline Foster, A New Stratosphere? Investment Treaty Arbitration as ‘Internationalized Public Law’ , 64 Int’l & Comp L.Q. 461, 462 (2015) (citing T.W. Waelde). For a wider treatment of the advantages and disadvantages of ISDS see Ahmad Ali Gouri, The Evolution of Bilateral Investment Treaties, Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Investment Law , Int. A.L.R. 14, 189-204 (2011); Mojtaba Dani & Afshin Akhtar-Khavari, The Uncertainty of Legal Doctrine in

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Cleaning the Muck of Ages from the Windows into the Soul of Tax

obstacles to the accumulation of capital over time because of shifts in the nature of production, falls in global profit rates, the degree of internationalization of an economy, and the competitive pressures that brings to bear, often with ideologies of cutting taxes, grabbing the imagination of some or most politicians and parts of the population, such as small business in general and that section of big business which is part of global capital and, of course, the final consideration, the combativity, or lack of it of the working class. Tax will influence, in direct

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The Nordic model: 25 years of drawing the line between earned and capital income in Finland

that was not desirable in terms of the functioning of capital market and an efficient resource allocation. As a result of the internationalization of business and its financing, such harmful incentive effects were further exacerbated. The steering impacts of the non-neutral taxation of capital income had turned out to be increasingly negative in the overall economy. In the other Nordic countries, the challenges had been quickly addressed, that is, the countries had already shifted to a differentiated system. Government Proposal 200/1992 pp. 4–6. According to the

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