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Selected aspects of enterprise internationalization

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Internationalization: A New Challenge For Military Universities

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Internationalization of Japanese Business Groups – Literature Review

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Familiness and Born Globals: Rapid Internationalisation among Polish Family Firms

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Opening the “Black Box” of Firm De-internationalisation Processes: What Should We Still Know?

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Parameters for the Assessment of the Impact of Internationalisation Policy on Quality in Higher Education and its Influence on the Development of Society: The Lithuanian Case

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Human Resource Management for Improving Internationalization at a Private University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Brand management and internationalization: A case study in the sports equipment industry

this was something that in addition to facilitating recognition, improved loyalty and increased notoriety. It is of course an asset for the company, which will allow goods that identify and differentiate them from the competition. Therefore, global markets offer new business and innovation opportunities, and it is therefore likely that companies will shift their focus from domestic to international markets. The internationalization process has been intensively studied and can lead to the exploration of new markets, which often implies the creation of new brands

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in Tékhne
Internationalization of the Service Sector - Marketing Approach

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The analysis of R&D internationalization – case study of Comarch enterprise

International Business Studies, No. 9. Zedtwitz, M. von & Gassmann, O. (2002). Market versus technology drive in R&D internationalization: four different patterns of managing research and development. Research Policy, 31 (4).

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