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Reflections on Tools and Methods for Differentiated Assessments of Individual Scientists, Groups of Scientists and Scientific Journals

research university jointly by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It is purposely organized as a small-scale, internationalized, and first-class research institute aiming at solving globally advanced and difficult scientific challenges. Its research performance should manifest itself not in numbers of papers, average number of citations, or even its h-index, but in competitiveness, breakthroughs, breakaways, and power of leading. So the common ranking schemes do not serve its mission. For this reason the authors, working with the

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Methods and Practices for Institutional Benchmarking based on Research Impact and Competitiveness: A Case Study of ShanghaiTech University

a small-scale, internationalized, and first-class research institution aiming at tackling globally advanced and hard-fought scientific challenges. It focuses its research only on a few selected subject fields in Physical Sciences & Technologies, Biological Sciences and Technologies, and Information Sciences and Technology, and avoids trying to cover complete disciplines. As of June 2019, it has fewer than 200 faculty members, no more than 500 undergraduate and 1000 graduate enrollments yearly. The university evaluates the research performance of itself, its

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The Norwegian Model in Norway

book publishing ( Engels et al., 2012 ). They found almost identical evolutions in the use of English as a publication language by comparing data from CRIS in Flanders and Norway, however WoS coverage was stable for Norway but had been increasing rapidly for Flanders, probably because of differences in the parameters used for performance-based funding of universities ( Ossenblok et al., 2012 ). Internationalization was also found in book publishing. Whereas peer reviewed books were increasingly published abroad and in English, non-peer reviewed book literature

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The Flemish Performance-based Research Funding System: A Unique Variant of the Norwegian Model

Weeren (2016a , b ) clustered senior authors in the VABB-SHW by their publication patterns. The results show that most disciplines are heterogeneous in terms of publication patterns of the authors. Given the importance of book publications in the SSH, several studies have been undertaken that investigate the characteristics of book publications and publishers: internationalization of book publishing ( Verleysen & Engels, 2014a , 2014b ), the role of book publications in History ( Verleysen & Engels, 2012 ), and concentration of academic book publishers ( Guns, 2018

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Redesigning the Model of Book Evaluation in the Polish Performance-based Research Funding System

indexing books in the databases ( Torres-Salinas et al., 2013 ), a lack of widely recognized rankings of academic book publishers ( Giménez Toledo, 2016 ), and problems with combing data on various book editions and translations into groups of works or book families ( Zuccala, Breum, Bruun, & Wunsch, 2018 ). Thus, book evaluation is mostly based on publisher profiles (Manana-Rodriguez & Giménez-Toledo, 2018 ), library holdings ( Biagetti, Iacono, & Trombone, 2018 ), internationalization indicators ( Verleysen & Engels, 2014 ), book reviews ( Basili & Lanzillo, 2018

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Insight into the Disciplinary Structure of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

2 805 813 Wang, J., & Shapira, P. (2011). Funding acknowledgement analysis: An enhanced tool to investigate research sponsorship impacts: The case of nanotechnology. Scientometrics, 87(3), 563–586. 10.1007/s11192-011-0362-5 Wang J. Shapira P. 2011 Funding acknowledgement analysis: An enhanced tool to investigate research sponsorship impacts: The case of nanotechnology Scientometrics 87 3 563 586 Wong, P.K., Ho, Y.P., & Chan, C.K. (2007). Internationalization and evolution of application areas of an emerging technology: The case of nanotechnology

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Does a Country/Region’s Economic Status Affect Its Universities’ Presence in International Rankings?

universities (Bornman, Mutz, & Daniel, 2013; Guironnet & Peypoch, 2018 ; Musselin, 2018 ). Some governments have implemented different types of initiatives to support the internationalisation of their higher education institutions. Each ranking is generated in keeping with a specific methodology, using bibliometric and other types of indicators. A given institution’s position may vary depending on the methodology used. In the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (ARWU) and Leiden rankings, classification prioritises research, whereas the Times Higher Education (THE) list

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Applications of, and Experiences with, the Norwegian Model in Finland

1 Background and motivation University funding by government in Finland has been partly based on performance since the establishment in the 1990s of performance agreements, funding models and the KOTA-database for input and output statistics. The main policy goals have been to enhance efficiency, internationalisation, quality and impact of educational and research activities, gaining insights into the performance of the Finnish higher education institutions, as well as creating accountability and transparency regarding the use of public funds. Adaptation of

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