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Envisioning Higher Education: How Imagining the Future Shapes the Implementation of a New Field in Higher Education

-Prozesses : Zur diskursiven Logik eines bildungspolitischen Programms . Bielefeld: transcript. Malazita, James W. 2019. Epistemic Infrastructure, the Instrumental Turn, and the Digital Humanities. Forthcoming in Debates in the Digital Humanities: Institutions, Infrastructures at the Interstices , edited by Anne McGrail, Angel David Nieves, and Siobhan Senier. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Manyika, James et al. 2011. Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity . Seoul/San Francisco/London/Washington: McKinsey Global

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Organization Versus Profession? Teaching in the context of higher education reforms from a Sociology of Professions Perspective

Laudel und Uwe Schimank. 2010. The Limits of Universality. How Field-Specific Epistemic Conditions Affect Authority Relations and their Consequences. S. 291–324 in Reconfiguring Knowledge Production. Changing Authority Relationships in the Sciences and their Consequences for Intellectual Innovation, hrsg. von Richard Whitley, Jochen Gläser und Lars Engwall. New York: Oxford University Press. Hasse, Raimund und Georg Krücken. 2015. Decoupling and Coupling. S. 197–214 in Education From Globalization to World Society. Neo-Institutional and Systems

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Training in Companies: Educational Practices at the Heart of the World of Work

. Neuenburg: Bundesamt für Statistik. Quenson, Emmanuel. 2001. L’école d’apprentissage Renault 1919-1989. Paris : cnrs éditions. Retière, Jean-Noël. 2003. Autour de l’autochtonie. Réflexions sur la notion de capital social populaire. Politix 16 : 121–143. SEFRI. 2017. La formation professionnelle en Suisse. Faits et données . Berne : Secrétariat fédéral à la formation, la recherche et l’innovation. Schnapper, Dominique. 2012. La compréhension sociologique : démarche de l’analyse typologique (2 e éd.). Paris : PUF. Tanguy, Lucie. 2016

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Contingent High-Skilled Work and Flexible Labor Markets. Creative Workers and Independent Contractors Cycling Between Employment and Unemployment

. Creating Innovation : Do the Creative Industries Support Innovation in the Wider Economy? London: NESTA. Banks, Mark and David Hesmondhalgh. 2009. Looking for Work in Creative Industries Policy. International Journal of Cultural Policy 15(4): 415–430. Benz, Mathias and Bruno Frey. 2006. Being Independent is a Great Thing: Subjective Evaluations of Self-Employment and Hierarchy. Economica 75(298): 362–383. Baron, James and David Kreps. 1999. Strategic Human Resources . New York: John Wiley and Sons. Bennett, Tony and David Carter (eds.). 2001

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Employment Prospects of Young Adults With Mental Disorders

Integration 7(3): 351–366. Fitzli, Dora, Max Grütter, Marie-Christina Fontana, Kathrin Koebel, and Simon Bock. 2016. Evaluation der Arbeitsmarktsituation und Weiterbildungsperspektive von Absolventen und Absolventinnen mit eidgenössischem Berufsattest (EBA). Bern: Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation (SBFI). Gabadinho, Alexis, Gilbert Ritschard, Nicolas Séverin Mueller, and Matthias Studer. 2011. Analyzing and Visualizing State Sequences in R With TraMineR. Journal of Statistical Software 40(4): 1–37. Gallie, Duncan and Serge Paugam

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Fixed-Term Jobs after Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland: Stepping Stone or Impediment?

Auftrag des Staatssekretariats fur Bildung, Forschung und Innovation SBFI. Zurich: SMM. Salvisberg, Alexander, and Stefan Sacchi. 2014. Labour Market Prospects of Swiss Career Entrants after Completion of Vocational Education and Training. European Societies 16(2): 255-274. Scherer, Stefani. 2004. Stepping-Stones or Traps? The Consequences of Labour Market Entry Positions on Future Careers in West Germany, Great Britain and Italy. Work, Employment and Society 18: 369-394. Sengenberger, Werner. 1979. Zur Dynamik der

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The Influence of Educational Expansion on Partnership Stability: A Cohort Study of First Partnerships in Switzerland

Cohabitation, and Marriage Dissolution: 1985–2009. Journal of Marriage and Family 76(2): 352–369. Leopold, Liliya and Thomas Leopold. 2016. Maternal Education, Divorce, and Changes in Economic Resources: Evidence From Germany. SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research. Berlin, (18.8.2016). Lesthaeghe, Ron and Karel Neels. 2002. From the First to the Second Demographic Transition: An Interpretation of the Spatial Continuity of Demographic Innovation in France, Belgium and Switzerland

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Geschlecht in universitären Kontexten: eine qualitative Studie über Wissenschaftlerinnen in Österreich

von wissenschaftlichem Nachwuchs, hrsg. von Stephan Klecha und Wolfgang Krumbein. Wiesbaden: VS. Durkheim, Emile. 1988. Über soziale Arbeitsteilung. Frankfurt a. M.: Surkamp. Elg, Ulf und Karin Jonnergard. 2010. Included or excluded? Gender and Education 22(2): 209-225. European Commission. 2013. She Figures 2012. Gender in Research and Innovation. Luxembourg: European Commission. Ferguson, Kathy. 1984. The Feminist Case Against Bureaucracy. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Fieder

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Being an Author: Literary Identities of Work in the Contemporary German Literary Field

. Frankfurt a. M: Campus. Haak, Carroll. 2008. Wirtschaftliche und soziale Risiken auf den Arbeitsmärkten von Künstlern . Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. Hänzi, Denis. 2013. Die Ordnung des Theaters: Eine Soziologie der Regie . Bielefeld: Transcript. Haunschild, Axel und Doris Eikhof. 2006. Lifestyle Meets Market: Bohemian Entrepreneurs in Creative Industries. Creativity and Innovation Management 15(3): 234–241. Heinich, Nathalie. 2000. Être écrivain. Création et identité. Paris: La Découverte. Hutter, Michael. 2015. Ernste Spiele: Geschichten vom

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Being a Music Performer in French Speaking Switzerland: Relationships to Work and Employment

sampling. Journal of Official Statistics 24(1) : 79–97. Wejnert, Cyprian et Douglas D. Heckathorn. 2011. Respondent-driven sampling: operational procedures, evolution of estimators, and topics for future research. Pp. 473–497 in The SAGE handbook of innovation in social research methods , édité par Malcolm Williams et Paul Vogt. London : SAGE Publications. Willener, Alfred. 1997. Les instrumentistes d’orchestres symphoniques . Paris : L’Harmattan.

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