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Creative Management and Innovation

References Bissola, R - Imperatori, B. (2011): Organizing Individual and Collective Creativity: Flying in the Face of Creativity Clichés, Creativity and Innovation Management, 2011, Volume 20, Number 2, pp.77-89 pp., Blackwell Publishing Ltd., ISSN 1467-8691 Bilton, Ch. (2007) Management and creativity: From creative industries to creative management. Blackwell publishing, Oxford: 2007. ISBN: 978-1-4051-1996-2, 175 pp. Block, J.H., R. Thurik, H. Zou, (2009) What turns knowledge into

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E-learning as a Diffusion of Innovation in the Rural Areas of the European Union

1 The article entitled ‘E-learning jako dyfuzja innowacji na obszarach wiejskich Unii Europejskiej’ [‘E-learning as a diffusion of innovation in the rural areas of the European Union’] has been published in Polish in: Kultura i Edukacja [ Culture and Education ], vol 2’2014, pp. 134–145. References Ala-Mutka, K., (2010), Learning in Informal Networks and Communities . JRC-IPTS Technical Report Series. Luxembourg: the European Commission. Bertrand, A. L., and Z. T. Wierzbicki (1970), Socjologia wsi w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Stan i

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The definition and classification of innovation

References [1] Afuah, A. (1998). Responding To Structural Industry Changes: A Technological Evolution Perspective. Oxford University Press, Usa, Vol.6, Issue 1, pp. 183-202. [2] Akgün, A. E., Keskin, H., & Byrne, J. (2009). Organizational Emotional Capability, Product And Process Innovation, And Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis. Journal Of Engineering And Technology Management , Vol. 26(3), pp. 103–130. [3] Barczak, G. (1995). New Product Strategy, Structure, Process And Performance In The Telecommunications Industry. Journal Of

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Barriers to innovation in services and manufacturing firms: The case of Kosovo

References [1] Baird, K., Hu, K.J. and Reeve, R. (2011). The relationships between organizational culture, total quality management practices and operational performance. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 31 (7), 789 - 814. [2] Baldwin, J. and Lin, Z. (2002). Impediments to advanced technology adoption for Canadian manufacturers. Research Policy , 31 (1),.1–18. [3] Baregheh, A., Rowley, J. and Sambrook, S. (2009). Towards a multidisciplinary definition of innovation. Management Decision, 47 (8), 1323 - 1339

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Unpacking the geography of tourism innovation in Western Cape Province, South Africa

References Ahmad, J.A., Abdurahman, A.Z.A, Ali, J.K., Khedif, L.Y.B. and Bohari, Z., 2014: Social entrepreneurship in ecotourism: an opportunity for fishing village of Sebuyau, Sarawak Borneo. In: Tourism, Leisure and Global Change, Vol. 1, pp. 1-39. Alonso, A.D., 2011: Opportunities and challenges in the development of micro-brewing and beer tourism: a preliminary study from Alabama. In: Tourism Planning and Development, Vol. 8 (4), pp. 415-431. Antonelli, C., 2009: The economics of innovation: from the

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Innovation and Regional Socio-Economic Development - Evidence from the Finnish Local Administrative Units (1)

References Acs, Z. and Varga, A. 2002: Geography, endogenous growth and innovation. In: International Regional Science Review , 25, pp. 132-148. DOI: 10.1177/016001702762039484 Acs, Z., Anselin, L. and Varga, A. 2002: Patents and innovation counts as measures of regional production of new knowledge. In: Research Policy , 31, pp. 1069-1085. DOI: 10.1016/S0048-7333 (01)00184-6 Ahuja, G. and Katila, R. 2001: Technological acquisition and the innovation performance of acquiring

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Innovation Policy as a New Development Driver of the Regions in Slovakia: Does Activity of Regional Self-government Matter?

: A Comparative Perspective, pp. 141-178. Budapest, OSI/LGI. Buchta, S. (2003) ‘Slovenský vidiek na konci dvadsiateho storočia’. Sociológia , 35(2):125-140. Communal Research and Consulting Centre (2008) Benchmarking miest – nástroj komunálneho manažmentu , (31, January, 2014) Cooke, P. (2001) ‘Regional innovation systems, clusters, and the knowledge economy’. Industrial and Corporate Change , 10(4):945-974. Cooke, P. (2007) ‘Regional Knowledge

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Human Resources Supporting Innovation in the Public Sector: The Case of Kosovo

References [1] Adams, R., Bessant, J. and Phelps, R. (2006). Innovation management measurement: A review. International Journal of Management Review , 8 (1), 21-47. [2] Albury, D. (2005). Fostering Innovation in Public Services. Public Money and Management, 25 (1), 51-56. [3] Alpkan, L., Cagri Bulut, C., Gunday, G., Ulusoy, G. and Kilic, K. (2010). Organizational support for intrapreneurship and its interaction with human capital to enhance innovative performance. Management Decision, 48(5), 732-755. [4] Armstrong, C., Flood, P. C

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Constituting Immigrant Care Workers through Gendering and Racialising Practices in Education

difference’, The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (BJPIR) , vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 65-80. Sinervo, T, Koponen, E-L, Syrjä, V & Hietapakka, L 2013, Hoiva-avustajaselvitys: Joustava koulutus- ja työllistymisväylä sosiaali- ja terveyspalveluiden avustaviin tehtäviin, [Nursing assistant survey: a flexible training and employment route for assisting tasks of social and health services] , Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Helsinki. SITRA: Finnish Innovation Fund 2015, Private investment to boost employment of immigrants, 9 December 2015

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