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Smart Specialization and EU Eastern Innovation Cooperation: A Conceptual Approach

References Acs, Z. (2002), Innovation and the Growth of Cities, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Anselin, L.; Varga, A. & Acs, Z. (1997), ‘Local geographic spillovers between university research and high technology innovations,’ Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 422–448. Archibugi, D.; Filippetti, A. & Frenz, M. (2013a), ‘Economic crisis and innovation: Is destruction prevailing over accumulation?’ Research Policy, vol. 42, no. 2, pp. 303–314. —— (2013b), ‘The impact of the economic

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The Significance and Impact of Innovation Networks of Academia and Business with a Special Emphasis on Work-Based Learning

References Abreu, M.; Grinevich, V.; Hughes, A.; Kitson, M. & Ternouth, P. (2008), Universities, Business and Knowledge Exchange, Council for Industry and Higher Education. Retrieved from,%20Business%20and%20Knowledge%20Exchange.pdf [accessed 10 Jun 2014] Altenburg, T. (2008), “Breakthrough? China’s and India’s Transition from Production to Innovation,” World Development, vol. 36, no. 2, pp. 325-344. http

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“New Public Policy” As an Example of Pro-Innovation Policy – The Neo-Institutional Perspective

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Legal Technology for Law Firms: Determining Roadmaps for Innovation

(2): 643–678. CLEO, 2013. Public legal education and information in Ontario communities, formats and delivery channels, 22 [online]. Cleo Centre for Research and Innovation. Available at: [Accessed 30 February 2018]. Coulson, S., 2017. Normative ethics and the changing face of legal technology: or how to stay relevant in a transformed profession. The Advocate , 76, Part 1. Crawford, K. and Schultz, J., 2014. Big data and due process: toward a framework to redress predictive privacy harms. Boston College Law Review , 55

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Innovative Administrative Procedure Law: Mission Impossible ?

References Auby, Jean-Bernard (ed.). 2014. Codifi cation of Administrative Procedure. Bruxelles: Bruylant. Bučar, Maja and Metka Stare. 2003. Inovacijska politika male tranzicijske države [Innovation Policy of Small Transition Country]. Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Sciences. Cardona, Francisco P. and Annke Freibert. 2007. “Th e European Administrative Space and Sigma Assessments of EU Candidate Countries.” Croatian Public Administration 7(1), 51 - 59. de Vries, Hanna, Victor Bekkers and Lars

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Welfare Co-Production: Hungarian and Slovak Reality

– 30. Fraser, N. 2013. “A Triple Movement ? Parsing the Politics of Crisis after Polanyi.” New Left Review 81, 119 – 132. Fuglsang, L. 2010. “Bricolage and Invisible Innovation in Public Service Innovation.” Journal of Innovation Economics Management 1, 67 – 87. Gaiger, L. I., A. Ferrarini and M. Veronese. 2015. “Social Enterprise in Brazil: An Overview of Solidarity Economy Enterprises.” ICSEM Working Paper Series No. 10. Hood, C. 2010. The Blame Game: Spin, Bureaucracy, and Self-Preservation in Government. Princeton: Princeton

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The Role of Accountability Arrangements in Social Innovations: Evidence from the UK and Slovakia

References Bason, C. 2010. Leading Public Sector Innovation . Bristol: Policy Press. Bekkers, V. 2013. “Social Innovation” in the Public Sector: An Integrative Framework . Rotterdam: Erasmus University. Hartley, J. 2005. “Innovation in Governance and Public Services: Past and Present.” Public Money & Management 25(1), 27–34. Kattel, R. 2015. “What would Max Weber Say about Public-Sector Innovation ?” NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy 8(1), 9–19. Korteland, E. and V. Bekkers. 2008. “Diffusion and Adoption of

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Cities & International Policy Diffusion: The Case of Tokyo


In an increasingly globalised world, today’s international challenges such as climate change transcend national boundaries and require multi-level governance responses. Cities, in particular, stand out as an essential governing unit with huge potentials in resolving some of the 21st century’s most pressing concerns. The recent explosion of the phenomenon of city-networks reflects intensifying city-to-city interactions in addressing global environmental issues. This article examines the case of Tokyo in addressing challenges posed by climate change. Examining the origin, development, and diffusion of Tokyo’s climate change policy, the cap-and-trade scheme was found to have first diffused from Europe to Tokyo, adjusted to adapt to the local context, then further diffused to other Asian cities. Study of Tokyo’s experience demonstrates that policy formation does not always follow a centralized, top-down, command-and-control approach. This findings challenge conventional realist conception which emphasises the dominance of central authorities and sovereign states in global policy formation. Under the framework of global governance, this article argues that cities are important sites of policy experimentation and innovation, and that the case of Tokyo demonstrates the potential of cross-country policy diffusion.

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Examining the Core Dilemmas Hindering Big Data-related Transformations in Public-Sector Organisations

References 6Aika. 2015. 6Aika-strategia, Finland. Available at (last accessed 10 June 2019). Adrian, C., R. Abdullah, R. Atan and Y. Y. Jusoh. 2017. “Factors Influencing to the Implementation Success of Big Data Analytics: A Systematic Literature Review”. In ICRIIS (ed.). Research and Innovation in Information Systems (ICRIIS), 16 / 07 / 2017 International Conference . Langkawi Island, Malaysia: IEEE, 1 – 6. Adrian, C., R. Abdullah, R. Atan and Y. Y. Jusoh

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Arrangements for the Transfer of Social-Services Delivery to Non-Governmental Providers (Regional Practices, Russia)

China.” In J. Nemec, V. Potier and M. S. de Vries (eds). Alternative Delivery Service. IASIA / IIAS, 30 – 37. (last accessed: 10.01.2019). Kitchen, H. 2005. “Delivering Local / Municipal Services.” In А. Shah (ed.). Public Services Delivery . Washington D.C.: The World Bank, 117 – 152. Krueger, A. 1990. “Government Failures in Development.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 4, 9 – 23. Merickova, B. M., M. M. Svidronova and J. Nemec. 2016. “Innovation in Public Service: Civic Participation in Slovakia

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