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What, If Anything, Is Linguistic Creativity?


This paper investigates the nature of creativity in language and linguistics. Following Sampson (2016), it distinguishes between F-creativity (which roughly equals linguistic productivity) and E-creativity (which leads to new and unexpected innovations). These two notions of creativity are discussed on the basis of examples from three different domains: snow cloning, mismatch/coercion, and aberration. It is shown that pure E-creativity may only be found in the case of aberration. Both snow cloning and mismatch/coercion are examples for F-creativity, but to varying degrees. As a consequence, it is suggested that in practice, F- and E-creativity actually form a cline, rather than a dichotomy.

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Online booking for travel and accommodation influenced by economic and digital development level: Position of the Western Balkan countries within Europe

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The impact of cluster networking on business performance of Croatian wood cluster members

industry in Modena, Italy. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development , Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 279-304. 5. Chiu, Y. T. (2009). How network competence and network location influence innovation performance. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing , Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 46-55. 6. Croatian Bureau of Statistics (2016). First release 4.2.1/12 . Available at [26 August 2017]. 7. Croatian Chamber of Economy (2016). O Zajednici klastera . Available at https

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Impacts of International Migration on Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh

, 46(4), 374-382. Paul, B. P., & Das, A. (2011). The Remittance-GDP Relationship in the Liberalized Regime of Bangladesh: Cointegration and Innovation Accounting. Theoretical & Applied Economics, 18(9). Pradhan, M. A., & Khan, G. U. (2015). Role of Remittance for improving quality of life: Evidence from Bangladesh. Turkish Economic Review, 2(3), 160. Sarker, M., & Islam, M. S. (2014). Husbands’ international labour migration and the change of wives’ position among the left-behind in rural Bangladesh. ISSN (Paper), 2224-5766. Siddique, A

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The role of entrepreneurship in explaining the real Gross Domestic Product per capita: Regression model selection

References 1. Acs, Z. J. (2006). How Is Entrepreneurship Good for Economic Growth? Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 97-107. 2. Acs, Z. J., Arenius, P., Hay, M., Minniti, M. (2005). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2004 Executive Report. Babson College, Babson Park, MA, USA; London Business School, London, UK. 3. Akaike, H. (1973). Information theory as an extension of the maximum likelihood principle. In B. N. Petrov, and F. Csaki, (eds.) Second International Symposium on

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Consequences of Gossiping on Women Empowerment

5. REFERENCES Adkins, L. (2002). Revisions Gender and Sexuality in Late Modernity . Akman, D. E., Toner, B. B., Stuckless, N., Ali, A., Emmott, S. D., & Downie, F. P. (2001). Feminist issues in research methodology: The development of a cognitive scale. Feminism & Psychology , 11(2), 209-227. Augustin, E., Assad, R., & Jaziri, D. (2012). Women empowerment for improved research in agricultural development, innovation and knowledge transfer in the West Asia/North Africa region . Bari, F. (2005, November). Women’s political participation

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Is there a housing wealth effect in European countries?

System. Available at [13 December 2016]. 17. IFC Bulletin (2009). Measuring financial innovation and its impact. Available at [13 December 2016]. 18. Im, K. S., Pesaran, M., Shin, Y. (2003). Testing for unit roots in heterogeneous panels. Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 115, No. 1, pp. 53-74. 19. Kao, C. (1999). Spurious regression and residual-based tests for cointegration in panel data. Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 90

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Environmental Sustainability Practices of Immigrant-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa

:// (accessed on 10 July 2018). Ardito, L., Carrillo-Hermosilla, J., del Río, P., Pontrandolfo, P. (2018). Contributions for a Special Issue on Sustainable Innovation: Processes, Strategies, and Outcomes. Corporate. Social. Responsible. Environmental. Management , 25 , 106–109. Banking Association of South Africa. 2018. SME Enterprise (accessed on 19 June 2018). Bennett, N.J., Whitty T.S., Finkbeiner E., Pittman, J., Bassett, H

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