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Journal for the History of Public Administration / Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsgeschichte
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Inter-parliamentary Cooperation in the EU and outside the Union: Distinctive Features and Limits of the European Experience

for International Democracy: The Significance of Articles 9-12 EU Treaty for International Organizations’, The European Journal of International Law , XXIII(2): 315-334. • Bohman James, 2004, ‘Constitution Making and Democratic Innovation: the European Union and Transnational Governance’, European Journal of Political Theory , III(3): 315-337. • Casalena Pier Giorgio, Fasone Cristina and Lupo Nicola, 2013, ‘Commentary on the Protocol No. 1 annexed to the Treaty of Lisbon (“On the role of national Parliaments in the European Union”)’, in Blanke Edward

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Canadian Federalism in Design and Practice: The Mechanics of a Permanently Provisional Constitution


This paper examines the interaction between constitutional design and practice through a case study of Canadian federalism. Focusing on the federal architecture of the Canadian Constitution, the paper examines how subnational units in Canada actually compete with the central government, emphasizing the concrete strategies and tactics they most commonly employ to get their way in confrontations with central authority. The evidence affirms that constitutional design and structure make an important difference in the tactics and tools available to subnational units in a federal system, but that design is not fully constraining: there is considerable evidence of extraconstitutional innovation and improvisation by governments. Furthermore, changes in practice initiated by Canadian subnational actors have produced changes in the allocation of national and subnational authority that are plausibly characterized as constitutional in magnitude. The paper concludes that the design of the Canadian federal system may inadvertently undermine its capacity to stabilize itself at any particular point of constitutional evolution, making it ‘permanently provisional.’

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Unicameralism, Bicameralism, Multicameralism: Evolution and Trends in Europe

, 721-780. Boogaard Geerten, 2018, ‘Mixed Democracy in The Netherlands’, in Ferrari Giuseppe Franco, Passchier Reier and Voermans Wim (eds), The Dutch Constitution Beyond 200 Years. Tradition and Innovation in aMultilevel Legal Order, Eleven, The Hague, 229-242. Delpérée Francis, 2006, ‘The Belgian Senate’, in Luther Jörg, Passaglia Paolo and Tarchi Rolando (eds), A World of Second Chambers. Handbook for Constitutional Studies on Bicameralism, Giuffrè, Milan, 697-719. Di Manno Thierry, 2006, ‘The Sénat of the French

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The Lesson from the Modern American Federalism: A Challenge to Effective Public Policy Performance

and the transformation of American conservatism,’ Publius, XXXVII: 279-303. Dinan John, 2006, ‘The State of American Federalism, 2005: Federalism Resurfaces in the Political Debate,’ Publius, XXXVI(3): 327-374. Dinan John, 2008, ‘The state of American Federalism 2007-2008: Resurgent state influence in the national policy process and continued state policy innovation’, Publius, XXXVIII(3): 381-415. Eisinger Peter, 1989, The Rise of the Entrepreneurial State, University of Wisconsin Press, Madison. Eissa

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How much Solidarity is in the EU Budget?

an EU financing reform, policy paper 38, Notre Europe. Cipriani Gabriele, 2014, Financing the EU Budget: Moving forward or backwards?, Economic Policy, CEPS Paperbacks, Brussels. European Commission, 2011, A Budget for Europe 2020, COM (2011) 500 final. European Commission, 2010, Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative - Innovation Union, COM (2010) 546 final, Brussels. Feld Lars P. and Necker Sarah, 2010, Fiskalföderalismus in der Europäischen Union: Herausforderungen für die Reform der Finanzverfassung der

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Reforming the financing of the EU budget: Outlook

): 30-42. • Le Cacheux Jacques, 2005, European Budget : the poisonous budget rebate debate , Notre Europe. • Leen Auke R., 2012a, 'An EU financial transaction tax: a three-fold assessment', in Fuxman Leonora et al. (eds), Mapping the Global Future: Evolution through Innovation and Excellence , GBATA, New York, 432-439. • Leen Auke R., 2012b, Note on the budget of the European Union and an Internet Communication Tax , Policy Studies Organization. • Leen Auke R., 2012c, 'Seigniorage: A True European Tax', EC tax review , XXI(6): 331

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Conventional Direction to Unconventional Measures: Using Quantitative Easing to shape Eurozone Fiscal Capacity

, 2015, ‘Introduction: The economic policy debate on investment’, in BMfWFW, (op. cit.). • Mazzucato Mariana, 2013, The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking the Public vs. Private Myth in Risk and Innovation , Anthem Press, London • Micossi Stefano, 2015, The Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank (2002-2015) , CEPS Special Report No. 109, May. • Musgrave Richard A., 1961, The Theory of Public Finance. A Study in Public Economic , McGraw-Hill, New York. • OFCE/IMK/ECLM (2016), independent Annual Growth Survey 2015. • Panico Carlo and

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Perfect and Imperfect Bicameralism: A Misleading Distinction?

Legislation’, The North American Review, CCXV(796): 300-307. Romaniello Maria, 2015, Assessing Upper Chambers’ Role in the EU Decision-Making Process, SOG-WP 26/2015. Romaniello Maria, 2016, ‘Bicameralism: a concept in search of a theory’, Amministrazione in cammino, 20 September 2016, Romeo Graziella, 2017, ‘The Italian Constitutional Reform of 2016: An “Exercise” of Change at the Crossroads between Constitutional Maintenance and Innovation’, Italian Law Journal, special issue The 2016

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The Vaccine and Its Simulacra: Agnotology, Ontology and Biopolitics in France, 1800–1865

completing the experiment and one hundred thousand would not add any additional proof«. The problem was evaluating the longterm consequences of the innovation. It would be necessary first of all to stop cowpox inoculation and with careful attention observe the outcomes of vaccinated people. After ten years, the results would be communicated to the public and doctors so that they could debate. If success seemed clear, one could subject another 50.000 individuals to the same procedure. Finally, if the vaccine still maintained efficacy after one generation, it would be

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