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How to Respond to Conflicts Over Value Pluralism?

our attachment to all kinds of socio-cultural values is an important factor in the fabric of today’s societies, since it defines to a large extent our identity. Yet at the same time, the above has also made clear that, in our times, socio-cultural identity has lost its self-evidence and stability. Technological innovation, economic developments, secularization, individualization, growing mobility, etc. have changed Western societies beyond recognition during the last 50 years. Against this background, it is no wonder that people have problems in answering the

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“Roma” Label: The Deconstructed and Reconceptualized Category within the Pentecostal and Charismatic Pastoral Discourse in Contemporary Slovakia

of a more general process of ethnoreligious innovation within the European Gypsy Pentecostalism as such. In this context, also refer the article of Manuela Cantón-Delgado (2017 , 87) and her interpretation of Gypsy leadership and new forms of internal cohesion within the Evangelical Church of Philadelphia in Spain as “innovation”. Social Theory Inspirations The Norwegian ethnographer Thomas Hylland Eriksen pointed out in his famous work Ethnicity versus Nationalism (1991) that ethnicity refers to the social reproduction of basic classificatory

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Between Diplomacy and Paradiplomacy: Taiwan's Foreign Relations in Current Practice

Britain and Northern Ireland and of the People’s Republic of China on an exchange of Ambassadors.” March 13 1972 in Beijing. Translation according to Chinese Version China-Britain Changjian G. 2094 China Intercontinental Press 2004 Kleiner, Jürgen. 2010. Diplomatic Practice . Between Tradition and Innovation . Singapore: World Scientific Publishing. Kleiner Jürgen 2010 Diplomatic Practice Between Tradition and Innovation Singapore World Scientific Publishing Kočnerová, Mária, and Marenčáková, Tatiana. 2014. “Čínsko-americké vzťahy počas

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US–Kenya Economic Relations under Obama and Their Image in the Kenyan News Discourse

. ( … ) It was not always this way. And it is getting better every day. I am speaking about Kenya ’ s capacity to testify the entrepreneurship , innovation , investment and growth on a transformative scale. (12) This text is quite straightforward in contrasting economic agenda with the political one. The former is seen as “a rational conversation” between equal partners who share the interest in economic opportunities and investment. Thus, the latter seems to be viewed as an irrational conversation between a teacher and his seemingly disobedient pupil. Human rights and

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Pluralism and Conflict: The Debate about “Russian Values” and Politics of Identity

, it is the utmost dependency of the Russian patriarch on the contemporary figure of tsar that hindered him from supporting his Ukrainian faithful during the conflict with Russia. This, in turn, contributed to the weakening of the authority of the Russian Church in Ukraine. No less importantly, the 1666–1667 Council adopted all the innovations introduced before by Nikon. The Council also anathematized the leaders of the adherents of the old faith, that is partisans of the traditional, pre- reform Orthodoxy (the so-called Old Believers). Curiously, the Council also

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