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Constitution, Ethos and Change of Life in Common: Some Introductive Reflections on the Example of Icelandic Constitutional Project

), The Democratic and the Authoritarian State , New York, the Free Press, 1957. Italian edition, Lo stato democratico e lo stato autoritario, Bologna, Il Mulino, 1973. Policastro P. (2002), Prawa podstawowe w demokratycznych transformacjach ustrojowych , Lublin 2002. Policastro P. and Castorina E. (2013), Towards a Supranational Dimension of Citizenship Through Knowledge, Skills and Competence: From ECONET to the Great Green Wall, p. 89–96 in P. Policastro (ed.), Towards Innovation in Legal Education , Eleven, Utrecht 2013. Policastro P. (2012

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Journal for the History of Public Administration / Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsgeschichte
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The Vaccine and Its Simulacra: Agnotology, Ontology and Biopolitics in France, 1800–1865

completing the experiment and one hundred thousand would not add any additional proof«. The problem was evaluating the longterm consequences of the innovation. It would be necessary first of all to stop cowpox inoculation and with careful attention observe the outcomes of vaccinated people. After ten years, the results would be communicated to the public and doctors so that they could debate. If success seemed clear, one could subject another 50.000 individuals to the same procedure. Finally, if the vaccine still maintained efficacy after one generation, it would be

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Colonial Bureaucrats, Institutional Transplants, and Development in the 20th Century

industrialization, continental European countries aimed to reduce their relative economic backwardness towards the United Kingdom. See Alexander Gerschenkron, Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective – A Book of Essays, Cambridge 1962 [1966]. Japan copied heavily from the West during the Meiji Restoration and itself exported institutions to Asian colonies a few decades later. See Eleanor D. Westney, Imitation and Innovation: The Transfer of Western Organizational Patterns in Meiji Japan, Cambridge 1987 [1999], for a splendid discussion on transplants during the Meiji

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Bureaucracy and Emotions - Perspectives across Disciplines

studies, self-reports, and data gleaned from college students in experimental settings«. Kathryn J. Lively: »Comment on ›Methodological Innovations From the Sociology of Emotions – Methodological Advances‹«, in: Emotion Review 7/2 (2015), pp. 181f., at p. 181; s. a. Jan E. Stets / Jonathan H. Turner: Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions 2, New York 2014. The field may broadly be divided into macro and micro approaches. Peggy Thoits: »The Sociology of Emotions«, in: Annual Review of Sociology 15 (1989), pp. 317–342. As an example of the former, Theodore Kemper

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Space and Administrative Boundaries at the Birth of the Italian Kingdom

States composing the new Kingdom. This confusion was further increased by the innovations brought about by the Cabinet with Full Powers to the legal systems of the former provinces and Lombardy , and by those that were introduced by the provisional governments in Emilia , the Marche , Umbria , and the southern provinces , where the circumstances and the hatred for the past had rapidly led to the immediate promulgation of quite a number of the Piedmontese laws. Only Tuscany remained immune to these improvised reforms , [but] because of its autonomy , it

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Decency and Respect. New Perspectives on Emotional Bonds between State and Citizens

craftsman, a splendid royal wedding, the circulation of Alexander Bach’s pastoral letter to his senior public servants, the marketing of a government loan Cf. Georg Christoph Berger Waldenegg: Mit vereinten Kräften! Zum Verhältnis von Herrschaftspraxis und Systemkonsolidierung im Neoabsolutismus am Beispiel der Nationalanleihe von 1854, Vienna 2002, ch. 2. and the introduction of a normative innovation, namely, the prohibition of writing to the authorities in a defamatory manner. All of these measures related to the generation, exploitation, control and containment of

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