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The definition and classification of innovation

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Barriers to innovation in services and manufacturing firms: The case of Kosovo

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The Role of Human Resources in The Creation of Innovation Position of Poland - Comparative Analysis to Eu Countries Based on SII Index

REFERENCES European Commission, European Innovation Scoreboard, 2016 , available at . European Commission, European Innovation Scoreboard. Methodology report, 2016 , available at . European Commission, European Innovation Scoreboard. Methodology report , 2018, available at Kamińska, A., 2017. Kształtowanie potencjału innowacyjnego

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The Role of Human Capital for National Innovation Capability in Eu Countries

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Human Resources Supporting Innovation in the Public Sector: The Case of Kosovo

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A Model of Lean Management for Organizational Innovation: Cases in Visegrád and AFTA

, 2(1), 56–74, doi: http :// Choomlucksana, J., Ongsaranakorn, M., Suksabai, P., 2015. Improving the Productivity of Sheet Metal Stamping Subassembly Area Using the Application of Lean Manufacturing Principles. Procedia Manufacturing, 2(February), 102–107, doi: 10.1016/j.promfg.2015.07.090. CIDB MALAYSIA, 2008. Malaysia Report . The 14th Asia Construct Conference, 1, 13–26. Edison, H. et al., 2018. Lean Internal Startups for Software Product Innovation in Large Companies: Enablers and Inhibitors . Journal of

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Imitation vs Innovation: Is there an alignment between supply chain organizational learning and Islamic HRM practices?

). Imitation Versus Innovation: Lessons to Be Learned From the Japanese, Organizational Dynamics , 21(3): p. 30-45. [10]. Bou, J. C., & Beltran, I. (2005), TQM, High Commitment Human Resources Strategy and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study, Total Quality Management, Vol. 16, No. 1, January, p. 71-86. [11]. Delaney, J.T., & Husehild, M.A. (1996). The Impact of Human Resources Management Practices on Perceptions of Organizational Performance, Academic of Management Journal , Vol. 39, No. 4, p. 949-969. [12]. Farouk, S

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The Analysis of Marketing performance in Yogyakarta SMEs

. C., & Chiu, W. Y. (2007). Marketing communication strategies in support of product launch: An empirical study of Taiwanese high-tech firms. Industrial Marketing Management, 36(8), 1046–1056. [4] Ergün, H. S., & Kuşcu, Z. K. (2013). Innovation Orientation, Market Orientation and e-Loyalty: Evidence from Turkish e-Commerce Customers. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 99, 509–516. [5] Fahy, J., Hooley, G., Cox, T., Beracs, J., & Fonfara, K. (2000). The

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Innovation Safety Management by Shaping the Law on Non-Practising Entities (Patent Trolls) in the USA and EU


In a knowledge-based economy, innovation resulting from R & D activities and subsequent management of their legal safety are of particular importance. Incorrect patent law can lead to abuse in the area of innovation security on a large scale through the activities of the NPE organization (patent trolls). This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in the US while in the EU it is at a negligible level.

The aim of the article is to demonstrate and prove by using comparative literature and documents analysis of US and EU, that inappropriate law leads to violations of innovation safety through the unhampered activity of patent trolls, while a change of the law to more restrictive law is a right step to reduce the patent trolling. On the other hand, the author proves that in an area with a less liberal definition of patentability, there are no many violations of innovation safety through patent trolling.

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Eco-Innovation in Municipalities as an Element of Smaller Agglomerations Sustainable Development - Case Study

REFERENCE Courvisanos, J., Stuart, M., 2014. Innovation economics and the role of the innovative entrepreneur in economic theory . Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2014/2 (14), 41-46. Doranova, A., Roman, L., Bahn-Walkowiak, B., Wilts, H., O’Brien, M., Giljum, S., Kong,M.A., Hestin, M., 2016. EIO Bi-annual report. Policies and Practices for Eco-Innovation Up-take and Circular Economy Transition. Foltynowicz, Z., 2009, Ekoinnowacyjne szansą na rozwój . Ecomanager 1 (in Polish) Fussler, C., James, P., 1996, Eco-innovation: A

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