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Coping and Resilience in Life-Long Learning and Ageing: new challenges


The society is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan as a consequence of driving wave of globalisation. Today we are living in a society with rapid dynamic changes and technologic it can be called the IT era. The one most used paradigm is “knowledge society”. The academic world uses this term for analysing the socio-economic transformation toward so-called post-industrial society. It is also used by politics world when the discourses are about the normative vision that the state, governs should aspire to fulfil or when the economic situation and the link with Universities take into consideration. Often the knowledge society is used in relationship with the economy of innovation or information society or technologic society metaphors that are used for to indicate that the labour market is in rapid change and technological competences are required.

The demographic situation is also in rapid evolution: according to UNFPA data in 2019 we are around 7,715 million habitants with 26% of the population aged 0-14, 65% of people aged 15-65 and 9% of people aged more than 65 years. The demographic trends are to have more aged people and less young people. This trend is a new and powerful challenge for society. If we consider that adult percentage of the population is the biggest one and that LLL is seen as a concept that complete the gaps of the formal learning, we can confirm that LLL is a new reply to dynamic exchanges in the society and in the globalised economy.

The article purpose is to analyse the different concepts of LLL and its link with ageing. The main focus will be on how LLL can improve the quality of ageing. The used methodology is a review of relevant intervention studies and Political Documents for examining the effectiveness of interventions and how the elder's literacy can be a value for society.

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The road ahead for age-friendly community in Ukraine

of personnel management in the enterprise, [Efektyvnistʹ upravlinnya personalom na pidpryyemstvi]. Research bulletin; Issue 467, pp.83-90. Balakireva, O. Lokteva, I. (2018). Sociological study “Social inequality: perception by Ukrainian society”. Sociological Association of Ukraine” with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. ISSN 1681-116X. Ukrainian Society [Ukrayinsʹkyy sotsium]. Vasilyuk A., StogovskyA. (2017) Adult education in the face of change: innovation, technology, projections: a collective monograph, Nizhin: Publisher of PP

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Old age individuals on the Russian labor market: challenges and opportunities

References Afonin, Yu., Kamieva, A., Gagarinskaya, G., Voronin, V., Most, E., & Akopyan, D. (2016). Noospheric Innovation Studies and the Concept of Russia’s Social and Economic Development. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9(36), 1–8. DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i36/102007 Dobrenkov, V. I., Afonin, Y. A., Orlova, L. V., Pronina, N. N., & Sabirova, G. T. (2017). Innovative Development: International Experience of Intellectual Property Commercialization. European Research Studies Journal (Scopus), XX, 4A, 241–252. Gagarinskii, A

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Active ageing in the fourth age: The experiences and perspectives of older persons in long-term care

(11), 1031-1041. Formosa, M. (2002). Critical gerogogy: Developing practical possibilities for critical educational gerontology. Education and Ageing, 17(3), 73-86. Formosa, M. (2010). Universities of the Third Age: A rationale for transformative education in later life. Journal of Transformative Education, 8(3), 197-219. Formosa, M. (2017). Responding to the Active Ageing Index: Innovations in active ageing policies in Malta. Journal of Population Ageing, 10(1), 87-99. Formosa, M. (2019a). The University of the Third Age and active ageing: The

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Knowledge Management Contributions in Project Management


The two concepts, knowledge management and project management have been steadily developing in recent years, with the current effort being the creation of a synergic effect from the two. The article demonstrates the need for a structured framework to group and facilitate the reuse of information and the generation of new knowledge in project management. In this context, knowledge management meets these requirements, providing a tool for improving project management practices. The article contains a review of the advantages and benefits that developers can get by adopting and implementing a project management strategy. An important contribution of the article is to develop a way to apply knowledge management in project management. This starts from the idea that a knowledge management cycle consists of four stages, which can also be applied in project management, and the knowledge passing through these stages goes through a filter, improves and generates a new knowledge.

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A Profile of a Strategic Leader under the Leadership Law in the Czech Armed Forces

References Dixit, A. & Nalebuff, B. (2008). The art of strategy: a game theorist's guide to success in business & life, New York: W. W. Norton & Company. Maxwell, J. (2007). 21 nevyvratitelných zákonů leadershipu: následujete je a lidé vás budou následovat, Praha: Nonaka, I. & Takeuchi, H. (1995). The knowledge - creating company: how japanese companies create the dynamics of innovation, New York: Oxford University Press. Polányi, M. (2009). The tacit dimension, London: University of

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General Aspects Regarding the Situations when the Rules of Good Conduct in Scientific Research Can Become Offences

. Law no. 206 from 27 May 2004 on good conduct in scientific research, technological development and innovation modified and completed through Law no. 398/2006 published in Monitorul Oficial, Part I no. 892 din 02/11/2006, and through Ordonanţa Guvernului no. 28/2011 published in Monitorul Oficial, Part I, no. 628 from 02/09/2011. Law no. 319 from 8 July 2003 regarding the status of research and development staff, Published in: Monitorul Oficial, Part I, no. 530 from 23 July 2003. Mitrache, C-tin. & Mitrache, C. (2016). Drept penal

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Political communication and social aspects interaction in complex society.

. Boeke K. (1945), Sociocracy: Democracy as It Might Be: Boschi S. (2001), Il potere del Cambiamento, Vertici Edizioni, Firenze. Bruni L. Happiness and relational goods: Capogna S. (2004), Public Policies and Employment. Apprenticeship: lights and shadows of an integrated policy. Doctoral thesis in Social systems, organizational and analysis of public policies (XV cycle), Department of Innovation

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