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The Accumulation of Nutrients and Contaminants in Aromatic Plants Grown in a Hydroponic System


Hydroponic systems are highly appreciated today, due to their potential to protect the environment and ensure a high level of food safety. In general, aromatic plants play a very important role in the food, pharmacy, cosmetics, perfumery and aromatherapy industries, all these products being highly appreciated by consumers. Due to their importance, different hydroponic systems are put in place to grow at different levels, these aromatic plants. In the present study, is analyzed the influence of three different hydroponic systems (two vertical and one horizontal) on minerals content and nutritional quality of two varieties of Occimum basilicum and one Mentha piperita variety. In this study are presented dry matter content, ash, micro and macro elements and contaminants content of leaves are presented. The results showed that the vertical system without foil had the best results, followed by the vertical system with foil comparative to the horizontal system that had the lowest content in nutritious principles. The vertical eco-sustainable systems proved to be a promising innovation for growing aromatic plants at the household level and a promising start for the intensive growing.

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Researches Concerning the Influence of Technological Links on Dendrometric Parameters to Paulownia Ssp.

References Dobrinoiu R.V., Vişan L., Dănăilă-Guidea S., Dumbravă M., 2014. Impact of foliar fertilization and of irrigation regime on dry biomass production in Miscanthus giganteus L., International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research - Volume 2, Issue 5: 836-840. Dobrescu E., Georgescu M.I., 2015. Restoration study in order to integrate new functions in the actual structure of Oromolu Manor. Scientific Papers Series B. Horticulture Volume LIX, Bucuresti, 333-340, Jiménez L. & Rodríguez A., 2003. La

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The Romanian Agrotourism Over the Last Two Decades: Good Old Places or New Attractions?

., 2014, Innovation - A Useful Tool in the Rural Tourism in Romania, Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 148, pp. 507-515. Gavrilă-Paven, I., Bârsan, M.C., Dogaru, L.D., 2015, Advantages and Limits for Tourism Development in Rural Area (Case Study Ampoi and Mureş Valleys), Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 32, pp. 1050-1059. Heenche G. B., 2004,Marketing in turismul rural, Editura Irecson, Bucuresti, p. 98. Hontuş, A. C., 2012, Rural tourism promotion analysis by road Vâlcea tourist motel “Evrica” in

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