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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

, despite the prior studies in which information sharing took place between citizen and public organizations ( Stamati, 2015 ). In this study, we investigate the information sharing among public employees which in our knowledge did not examine in the prior studies. This study will also open a research area in this sector for future researchers to investigate the different aspect of social media in public sector and how social media can change the traditional structure of public organizations in terms of information sharing and innovation. Thus, the study comprises the

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

research can be considered “local”. Some of the disciplines of the SSH have been international in language use and communication for more than 2,000 years. But they have always been so within the societal and cultural contexts that they belong to and reflect on. The SSH will sometimes contribute significantly in sectors of society where other areas of research contribute more often, such as in health care, technological innovation, job creation, and industry. However, the daily and widespread normal societal interaction ( Sivertsen & Meijer, 2018 ) of the SSH can be

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What Motives Users to Participate in Danmu on Live Streaming Platforms? The Impact of Technical Environment and Effectance

, P. M. (2014). Social media, knowledge sharing, and innovation: Toward a theory of communication visibility. Information Systems Research , 25 (4), 796–816. 10.1287/isre.2014.0536 Leonardi P. M. 2014 Social media, knowledge sharing, and innovation: Toward a theory of communication visibility Information Systems Research 25 4 796 816 10.1287/isre.2014.0536 Liang, H., Saraf, N., Hu, Q., & Xue, Y. (2007). Assimilation of enterprise systems: The effect of institutional pressures and the mediating role of top management. Management Information Systems Quarterly

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Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice

Liber Quarterly 27 1 23 44 10.18352/lq.10180 UK Research and Innovation. (n.d.). Data Policy Retrieved from: UK Research and Innovation. (n.d.) Data Policy Retrieved from Varner, S., & Hswe, P. (2016). Special report: Digital humanities in libraries Retrieved from American Libraries website: Varner S

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Exploring Technology Evolution in the Solar Cell Field: An Aspect from Patent Analysis

1 Introduction The discovery and surveying of technology trends is fundamental and critical to the survival of companies. As technologies constantly evolve and product life cycles become shorter ( Ali, Krapfel, & LaBahn, 1995 ), the need for effective information and knowledge management has become a crucial issue in the highly competitive economic environment ( D. Z. Chen, Chang, Huang, & Fu, 2005 ). Efforts have been made to study the dynamic nature of technology and the innovation process, and these have focused on the examination of technology

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of two Cambrian explosions of innovation and maximizing variety is essential in such times. First, the field of information science is expanding to apply data generation, analysis, and management techniques to all areas of human endeavor, especially in ways that build bridges across disciplines to address complex problems. It is important that the growing global population of data and information management scholars have venues for their work and their voices. Second, we are seeing changes in the way that scholarly ideas and results are shared and rewarded. DIM

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Evolution of Project Management as a Scientific Discipline

engineering sciences and optimization theory ( Söderlund, 2004 ). Historically, there has been a debate in the management education community as to whether project management is a practice or an academic discipline. Kwak and Anbari (2009) argued that “[it] is an academic field and one of the key management disciplines that consist of both practical/empirical research and theoretical research, based on solid academic theories and foundations.” Scholarly publications are a commonly accepted proxy for scientific performance and quantitative innovation research

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Information Security Compliance in Organizations: An Institutional Perspective

within their environments as a means of gaining legitimacy. The usefulness of the institutional theory in understanding the adoption of specific technological innovations is well exemplified in the existing literature ( Cavusoglu et al., 2015 ; Liang et al., 2007 ). Butler (2003) , for example, uses the institutional theory to show that a high degree of established commitments and maintaining existing relationships are the two institutional factors that influence the development of web-based systems in organizations. Cavalluzzo and Ittner (2004) reveal that the

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Special Issue on Cyberinfrastructure, Machine Learning, and Digital Library

. Six datasets are used for test and demonstration in the paper. Both computational results and user feedback are collected and reported in the paper. The results show that the prototype can effectively detect inconsistency between content and apparent data description and it is a welcome innovation for researchers of the data product. Machine learning methods have been quickly adopted in many scientific fields as a new research approach. For digital libraries, machine learning methods can be used not only as research methods but also to enable additional services

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