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Risk Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Slovenian Companies


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Supply chain in this industry has been directed towards the production of large batches to avoid lack of supplies, and the achievement of regulatory requirements, at the cost of high level of inventory, higher costs and inventory write-off due to expiration or other reasons. In recent years this industry is facing major changes and challenges such as intense globalization processes, increased competition and innovations in technologies, which has broadened and deepened risks in supply chain.

The paper reports the results of the study of the risk in distribution processes of Slovenian pharmaceutical companies, which was conducted among five companies and aims to draw attention to risks that arise in supply chain, to emphasize the importance of their management and to present a model for an effective assessment of risk in companies, developed at the Faculty of Logistics.

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From effective accounting and reporting to efficient outsourcing

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Smart city solutions in regard to urbanization processes – Polish cases

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Characteristics of Logistics Outsourcing in Bulgaria: The Perspectives of the Logistics Service Providers and their Customers

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“LANDSCApp”: a friendly way to share the Italian geo-heritage

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Systematic Approach to Sustainability of Novel Internet-Based System for Food Logistics

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Sustainability Framework for Assessing Urban Freight Transportation Measures

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Integration of Travel Agencies with other Supply Chain Members: Impact on Efficiency

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