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Repositioning sales as an influence on innovation and a source of sustainable competitive advantage

References Adams, R., Bessant, J., & Phelps, R. (2006). Innovation management measurement: A review. International journal of management reviews, 8 (1), 21-47. Afuah, A., & Afuah, A. (2003). Innovation management: strategies, implementation and profits . Oxford University Press: New York. Ambec, S., Cohen, M. A., Elgie, S., & Lanoie, P. (2013). The Porter hypothesis at 20: can environmental regulation enhance innovation and competitiveness ? Review of environmental economics and policy, 7 (1), 2-22. Arrow, K. J. (1962). The economic

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Innovation Propensity in Croatian Enterprises: Results of a Community Innovation Survey

References Aitken, B.J. and A.E. Harrison, 1999. Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Direct Foreign Investments? Evidence from Venezuela. American Economic Review 89: 605-618. Andrijević-Matovac, V. 2003. Croatian National Innovation System: How to create and transfer knowledge and technology? In Transition Countries in the Knowledge Society, edited by J. Švarc, J. Lažnjak, Ž. Šporer, and D. Polšek, 199-217. The Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb. Aralica, Z. and Bačić, K

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The Impact of National Culture on the Level of Innovation

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Construction Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs) Innovations

References Aarikka-Stenroos, L., Sandberg, B., and Lehtimäki, T. (2014). Networks for the commercialization of innovations: A review of how divergent network actors contribute. Industrial Marketing Management , 43(3), 365–381. ACCA. (2010). Small business: A global agenda . The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants . Retrieved from Aouad, G., Ozorhon, B., and Abbott, C. (2010

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Measuring Innovation in Mountain Destinations

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Reverse Innovation and Intercultural Management Aspects

Bibliography Brown, S.L., Hagel, J. (2005) Innovation Blowback: Disruptive management practices from Asia, The McKinsey Quarterly , no 1, pp. 35–45. Casswell, A. (2011), Emerging Trends in ICT 2010-2015 . Gartner Consulting, NY. Govindarajan, V. (2013) Innowacyjność odwrócona: Zasady gry. Harvard Business Review Polska , pp. 102–111. Govindarajan, V., Trimble, C. (2012) Reverse Innovation. Created Far from Home, Winn Everywhere . Harvard Business Review Press, Boston-Massachussets. Hart, S.L., Christensen, C.M. (2002) The great

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Public Procurement of Innovation: Selection of the Sustainable Alternative

REFERENCES Abou-Zeid, E. (2004). The effectiveness of innovation: a knowledge management approach. International Journal of Innovation Management, 8 (3), 261–274. Ahuja, G. & Lampert, C. M. (2001). Entrepreneurship in large corporations: a longitudinal study of how established firms create breakthrough inventions. Strategic Management Journal, 22 (6-7), 521–543. Alcaide-Marzal, J. & Tortajada-Esparza, E. (2007). Innovation assessment in traditional industries. A

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Innovation Audit for business excellence

References Knowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation, G. Vladut, D. Chiran, Y. Lashyna, Forum for Innovation, 2016, Energy Sector Innovation-Financial Network - EIFN Project, IMP³rove, European Innovation Management Academy, Gabriel Vlăduţ, Innovation ecosystem model for commercialization of research results, Proceedings of the International Conference on Business

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Enhancing Innovation Through Implementation of the Comprehensive Approach to Nurturing the Compliance Culture of the Worldwide Innovation Ecosystem

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Innovation within the Moravskoslezský Region – Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

REFERENCES [1] Anderson, N., Potocnik, K., Zhou, J. (2014). Innovation and Creativity in Organizations: A State-of-the-Science Review, Prospective Commentary, and Guiding Framework, Journal of Management, vol. 40, no.:5, pages 1297-1333. [2] Baldwin, J.R. – Gellatly, G. (2003). Innovation Strategies and Performance in Small Firms. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. ISBN 1-84376-370-2 [3] Dytrt, Z. - Stříteská, M. (2009). Efektivní inovace: odpovědnost v managementu . Vyd.1. Brno: Computer Press, 150 s. Praxe manažera. Business books. ISBN 978

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