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Can biotechnology contribute to the development of research and innovation smart specialization strategy (RIS3) in Central and East European countries? Reminiscences from the European Workshop

Republic, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Government Office of the Slovak Republic: Implementation plan. Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation of the Slovak Republic. 2017. 4. . 5. . 6. Paneghetti L, Gallotta A, Parrozzani Ch, Fassina G. Biomarkers development for early detection of cancer: Reducing the burden of cancer in the

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Nanobiotechnology Medical Applications: Overcoming Challenges Through Innovation

:1-12. 4. Purohit R, Mittal A, Dalela S, Warudkar V, Purohit K, Purohit S. Social, Environmental and Ethical Impacts of Nanotechnology. Materials Today: Proceedings 2017; 4:5461-5467. 5. Di Sia P. Nanotechnology Among Innovation, Health and Risks. Procedia Soc Beh Sci 2017; 237:1076-1080. 6. Harifi T, Montazer M. Application of nanotechnology in sports clothing and flooring for enhanced sport activities, performance, efficiency and comfort: a review. J Ind Text 2015; 46:1147-1169. 7. Beck B, Blanpain C. Unravelling cancer

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Early phase value scan for biotechnology innovation


The registration of a medicinal product by EMA or FDA used to be the main driving critical success factor for the future sales of a new medicinal product. The current additional important criteria for reimbursement decisions are cost-effectiveness and budgetary impact, which are taken into consideration in order to make a value for money decision. In order to maximize the chances of obtaining reimbursement at a maximum price, it is very important to have a well thought through strategy at the early onset of the development program in order to proactively cope with the emerging reimbursement hurdles. This paper aims to provide a pricing, market access and reimbursement strategy, which is based on a strategic scan, sales forecast model, pricing model, and cost-effectiveness model. These models are interacted and linked with a discounted cash flow model in order to optimize the economic value of the company.

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Bio-Economy in Greece: Current Trends and the Road Ahead

/fileadmin/gbs2018/Downloads/PM_GBS2018_communique_en.pdf. 18. Bio-economy Part III - Update Report of National Strategies around the World, A report from the German Bio-economy Council, Berlin, April 2018). 19. 20. Strategic plan for the development of research, technology and innovation under the NSRF ( 2007-13 21. 22. https

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Contributions of biotechnology to meeting future food and environmental security needs

debate. MIT Technology Review (2015) https: // gmo-debate 73. Shew AM, Danforth DM, Nalley LL et al. New innovations in agricultural biotech: consumer acceptance of topical RNAi in rice production. Food Control (2017) 81: 189-195. 74. Shan Q, Wang Y, Li j et al. Genome editing in rice and wheat using the CRISPR/Cas9 system. Nature Protocols (2014) 9: 2395-2410. 75. Gartland KMA, Dundar M, Beccari T et al. Advances in biotechnology: genomics and genome editing. EuroBiotech

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