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Virulence factors and antibiotic resistance of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in eastern China

of this article. Financial Disclosure Statement This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31870918 and 31500746), the Natural Science Fund of Jiangsu province (BK20170334), the Open Project Program of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Zoonosis (number R1601), project funding from Suzhou City (SNG2017047 and SYS201677), the Training Programs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates of Soochow University (201510285105X), and a project funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu higher education

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Occurence of Mastitis in Dairy Cows Situated in Marginal Parts of Slovakia

amplified fragment length polymorphism based analysis. J. Dairy Sci., 90, 3301-3307. 13. Tenhagen, B. A., Koster, G., Wallmann, J., Heuwieser, W., 2006: Prevalence of mastitis pathogens and their resistance against antimicrobial agents in dairy cows in Brandenburg, Germany. J. Dairy Sci., 89, 2542-2551. 14. Vasiľ, M., Elečko, J., Farkašova, Z., Bireš, J., 2009: The reduction on the occurrence of mastitis in dairy herd using the innovation of housing conditions, sanitary of milk storage and applying the therapy of mastitis during the

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Detection of Residues of Antimicrobial Compounds in Eggs by the Rapid Screening Methods

.efsa.2018.EN-1358 . 6. Hester, P. Y., 2017: Egg Innovations and Strategies for Improvements , 1st edn., Academic Press, London, UK, 646 pp. 7. Jurajda, V., 2002: Diseases of Poultry and Birds. Viral Infections (In Czech). Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno, Brno, Czech Republic, 19—46. 8. Méheust, D., Chevance, A., Moulin, G., 2015: Suivi des ventes de médicaments vétérinaires contenant des antibiotiques en France en 2015 — Rapport annuel. Fougères: Anses , 2016, 1—106. . 9

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Fatty acid profile in fat obtained from edible part of land snails harvested in Poland

, 1969. 4. AOAC Official Method 996.06 Fat (total, saturated, and unsaturated) in food. Hydrolytic extraction gas chromatographic method, 2001. 5. Çağıltay F., Erkan N., Tosun D., Selçuk A.: Amino acid, fatty acid, vitamin and mineral contents of the edible garden snail ( Helix aspersa ). J Fisheries Sci 2011, 5, 354–363. 6. De Pedro E., Murillo M., Salas J., Peña F.: Effect of storage time on fatty acid composition of subcutaneous fat. In: Tradition and innovation in Mediterranean pig production . Options Méditerranéennes. Ser A Séminaires

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Effect of Lysozyme Treatment on Quality and Bacterial Contamination of Chilled Chicken Legs

, pp. 41-47. 10. Kijowski, J.: Innovations in poultry industry. Food Indust 1999, 53 , 12-16. 11. Kijowski J., Lesnierowski G.: The use of lysozyme for food preservation and in medical diagnosis and pharmacology. Biotechnologia 1995, 2 , 130-140. 12. Kijowski J., Lesnierowski G., Fabisz-Kijowska A.: Lysozyme polymer formation and functionality of residuals after lysozyme extraction. In: Egg Nutrition and Biotechnology, edited by J.S. Sim, S. Nakai, W. Guenter, CABI Publishing, UK, 2000, pp. 269-286. 13

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Brain Size of the African Grasscutter (Thryonomys Swinderianus, Temminck, 1827) at Defined Postnatal Periods

:// Sizechart.html. Accessed: 07/09/2015. 17:44:23 GMT. 14. 14. Krubitzer, L., Campi, K. L., Cooke, D. F., 2011: All rodents are not the same: a modern synthesis of cortical organization. Brain Behav. Evol., 78, 51-93. 15. Lefebvre, L., Reader, S. M., Sol, D., 2004: Brains, innovations and evolution in birds and primates. Brain Behav. Evol., 63, 233-246. 16. Marino, L., 2002: Convergence of complex cognitive abilities in cetaceans and primates. Brain Behav. Evol., 59, 21-32. 17. Martin, R. D., 1984: Body size

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Characteristics, immunological events, and diagnostics of Babesia spp. infection, with emphasis on Babesia canis

of variant antigen genes in Babesia reveal a history of genomic innovation underlying hostparasite interaction. Nucleic Acids Res 2014, 42, 7113-7131. 32. Kirtz G., Leschnik M., Hooijberg E., Tichy A., Leidinger E.: Inclinic laboratory diagnosis of canine babesiosis (Babesia canis canis) for veterinary practitioners in Central Europe. Tierärztliche Praxis Kleintiere 2012, 40, 87-94. 33. Kjemtrup A.M., Conrad P.A.: A review of the small canine piroplasms from California: Babesia conradae in the literature. Vet Parasitol 2006, 138, 112

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Exopolysaccharides May Increase Gastrointestinal Stress Tolerance of Lactobacillus reuteri

. , 28, 350—356. 17. Durlu-Ozkaya, F., Aslimb, B., Ozkaya, M. T., 2007: Effect of exopolysaccharides (EPSs) produced by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus strains to bacteriophage and nisin sensitivity of the bacteria. LWT-Food Science and Technology , 40, 564—568. 18. Gänzle, M., Schwab, C., 2009: Ecology of exopolysaccharide formation by lactic acid bacteria: sucrose utilization, stress tolerance, and biofilm formation. In Ullrich, M. (Ed.): Bacterial Polysaccharides: Current Innovations and Future Trends. Caister Academic Press

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