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Supporting Ecological Innovation as a Factor for Economic Development

References 1. Carrillo-Hermosilla J., del González P.R., Könnölä T. (2009), What is ecoinnovation?, Eco-Innovation, Palgrave Macmillan, London. 2. Davidescu, A.A.M., Vass Paul, A.M., Gogonea, R.M., Zaharia, M., (2015), Evaluating Romanian Eco-Innovation Performances in European Context, Sustainability 2015, 7(9), pp. 12723-12757. 3. ECOAP, (2018), Akčný plán pre environmentálne technológie. [on-line], [cit. 21.03.2018], Available from: https

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Innovation processes: do they help or hinder new product development outcomes in Irish SMEs?

Introduction Innovation is fundamental to the survival and growth of firms, and ultimately to the health of national economies ( Ganotakis and Love, 2012 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs are crucial for identifying new avenues to more sustainable and inclusive growth, because of their twin roles in creating and diffusing innovation and providing employment ( OECD, 2014 The ability to innovate effectively is increasingly viewed as the single most important factor in developing and sustaining competitive advantage ( Tidd and

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Strategic Aspects of Innovation Management

Bibliography 1. Abraham, J.I. i Knight, D.J. (2001). Strategic innovation: leveraging creative action for more profitable growth . Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 29, Iss. 1. 2. Anderson, J. i Markides, C. (2006). Strategic Innovation AT the Base of the Economic Pyramid . August, (dostęp z dnia 11.07.2017 r.). 3. Baruk, J. (2011a). Wspomaganie tworzenia wartości i innowacji strategicznymi relacjami. Marketing i Rynek , 10. 4. Baruk, J. (2011b). Wiedza w procesach tworzenia innowacji. Organizacja i Kierowanie , 4

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Innovation Activity Management in Scientific and Research and Development Organizations

References 1. Andreeva, T., Kianto, A., (2011). Knowledge processes, knowledge-intensity and innovation: a moderated mediation analysis. Journal of Knowledge Management , No. 6. 2. Baruk, J. ( 2009). Zarządzanie wiedzą i innowacjami. Toruń: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek w Toruniu. 3. Baruk, J. (2015). Procesowe aspekty integracji funkcji marketingowej, innowacyjnej i produkcyjnej w przedsiębiorstwie przemysłowym. In: M. Gębarowski, A. Gierczak, B. Zatwarnicka- Madura (red.). Wielowymiarowość współczesnego

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Selected aspects of the innovation policy of enterprises operating in the member states of the European Union

References 1. Andreeva, T. i Kianto A. (2011). Knowledge processes, knowledge - intensity and innovation: a moderated mediation analysis. Journal of Knowledge Management, 15 (6). 2. Baruk, J. (1997). Nauka i technika w rozwoju gospodarczym. Lublin: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie. 3. Baruk, J. (2014). Wspomaganie działalności innowacyjnej wiedzą. W: A. Stabryła i T. Małkus (red.), Strategie zarządzania organizacjami w społeczeństwie informacyjnym. Kraków: 4

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Self-Organisation Perspective to Responsible Innovation in Industry

References 1. Allen, P. M., Lesser, M. (1991). Evolutionary Human Systems: Learning, Ignorance and Subjectivity // In Evolutionary Theories of Economic and Technological Change, eds. P. P. Saviotti, J. S. Metcalfe. - Chur: Harwood Academic Publishers, p. 160–171. 2. Armstrong, M., Cornut, G., Delacôte, S., Lenglet, M., Millo, Y., Muniesa, F., Tadjeddine, Y. (2012). Towards a Practical Approach to Responsible Innovation in Finance: New Product Committees Revisited // Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 147–168. doi: 10

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Innovation within the Moravskoslezský Region – Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

REFERENCES [1] Anderson, N., Potocnik, K., Zhou, J. (2014). Innovation and Creativity in Organizations: A State-of-the-Science Review, Prospective Commentary, and Guiding Framework, Journal of Management, vol. 40, no.:5, pages 1297-1333. [2] Baldwin, J.R. – Gellatly, G. (2003). Innovation Strategies and Performance in Small Firms. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. ISBN 1-84376-370-2 [3] Dytrt, Z. - Stříteská, M. (2009). Efektivní inovace: odpovědnost v managementu . Vyd.1. Brno: Computer Press, 150 s. Praxe manažera. Business books. ISBN 978

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Managerial capability for innovation for microfirms: integrating theory with empirical evidence

Introduction This paper considers a recently developed conceptual model of managerial capability for innovation in the microfirm context ( Kearney et al., 2014 ) and applies it to a pilot study in the tourism sector in Ireland. Microfirms are those organisations that employ less than 10 people ( EU, 2010 ), while managerial capability may be defined as the human capability underpinning the competitiveness of the firm ( Barney, 1991 ). This research is focused by the dynamic capabilities view of the firm ( Teece et al., 1997 ; Winter, 2003 ) assuming

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Change and Innovation Leadership in an Industrial Digital Environment

References 1. Chesbrough, H. W. (2003). Open Innovation. - Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Internet access: [accessed June 15, 2017]. 2. Drucker, P. I. (1985/2007). Innovation and Entrepreneurship. - London, New York: Routledge. 3. European Commission, Patents and Standards (2017). Internet access: [accessed May 12, 2017]. 4. Farson, R., Keyes, R., (2002). The Failure-Tolerant Leader // Harvard Business Review

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The Perception of Respondents of Packaging Innovations in Slovakia

. 79/2015 and on amendments to certain acts) 23. Zeman S. (2005), Balenie a obalova technika. Nitra: Slovenska poľnohospodarska univerzita. 24. Zhang Z.G., Song R.H., Wu P., Yao M.Q., Chen L. (2011), Innovation Packaging Design of Mogan Huangya Tea. 12th IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided Industrial Design and Conceptual Design. Chongqing, 149-153.

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