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Risk estimation and stochastic control of innovation processes

References 1. Grossi, G. Promoting Innovations ina Big Business. - Long Range Planning, Vol. 23, 1990, No 1. 2. Mine, H., S. Osak i. Markovian Decision Processes. NY, Amer. Elsevier Publ. Comp., Inc., 1975. 3. Cormican, K., D. O’Sullivan. Auditing Best Practice for Effective Product Innovation Management. - Elsevier, Technovation, Vol. 24, October 2004, Issue 10, 761-851. 4. Phillips, D., A. Garcia-Diaz. Fundamentals of Network Analysis. NY, Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, 1981

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Dynamics Of Innovation Diffusion With Two Step Decision Process

-202. [5] Granovetter M., Threshold models of collective behaviour, American journal of sociology, 83 , 1978, 1420-1443. [6] Granovetter M., Soong R, Threshold models of interpersonal effects in consumer demand, Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organization, 7 , 1986, 83-99. [7] McCullen N. J., Rucklidge A. M., Bale C. S. E., Foxon T. J., Gale W. F., Multiparameter Models of Innovation Diffusion on Complex Networks, SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems, 12 , 2013, 515-532 [8] Nan N., Zmud R., Yetgin E., A complex

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Scenario Planning + MCDA Procedure For Innovation Selection Problem

References [1] R. J. Calantone, C. A. Benedetto, and J. B. Schmidt. Using the analytic hierarchy process in new product screening. An International Publication of The Product Development & Management Association, 16(1):65-76, 1999. [2] Jui-Kuei Chen and I-Shuo Chen. Aviatic innovation system construction using a hybrid fuzzy MCDM model. Expert Systems with Applications, 37(12):8387-8394, 2010. [3] R. G. Cooper, S. J. Edgett, and E. J. Kleinschmidt. New product portfolio management: practices and

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A Conceptual Framework for Formalization of National Innovation Systems

indicators and targets: Measuring the impact of innovation policies. European Commission 2005. Arundel A., Hollanders H. - 2006 Trend Chart Methodology Report: Searching the forest for the trees: Missing indicators of innovation. Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology 2006. Arundel A., Bordoy C., Kanerva M. - Neglected innovators: How do innovative firms that do not perform R&D innovate? Inno-Metrics thematic Paper, Merit 2008. Balzat M., Hanusch H. - Recent

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Correlation Between Customer Relationship Management System Usage, Product Innovation, And Customer Satisfaction

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses. (UMI NO. 3687831). [15] Hassan, A., Parvez, M., 2013. A Comparative Case Study Investigating the Adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The Case of Tesco and Sainsbury's. International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains, 4(1), pp.1-10. DOI: 10.5121/ijmvsc.2013.4101. [16] Kindström, D., Kowalkowski, C., 2014. Service Innovation in Product-Centric Firms: a Multidi-mensional Business model Perspective. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 29(2), pp.96-111. DOI: 10.1108/JBIM-08-2013-0165. [17

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Barriers for Eco-Innovations: A Case Study of a Small Firm in Poland

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Innovation Process Planning Model in the Bpmn Standard

References [1] Abbey A., Dickson J. - R&D work climate and innovation in semiconductors [in] Academy of Management Journal, No.25, 1983, pp. 362-368. [2] Abrahamson E. - Management fashion [in] Academy of Management Review, No. 21, 1996, pp. 254-285. [3] Adams J.E., Day G.S. - Enhancing new product development performance: An organizational learning perspective [in] Journal of Product Innovation Management, No15, 1998, pp. 403-422. [4] Alavi M., Leidner D.E. - Review: Knowledge Management and

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A Study of Methods to Identify Industry-University-Research Institution Cooperation Partners based on Innovation Chain Theory

1 Introduction At present, the research and development (R&D) capabilities of Chinese enterprises are generally weak and the conversion rate for scientific achievements at research institutes and universities is relatively low (Shen, 2016). The reason technology transfer does not go smoothly is that there are obstacles to the diffusion of innovation elements in the innovation chain. It has been proven that cooperation across industry, universities, and research institutions is one way to effectively promote the diffusion of such innovation elements in the

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Showrooms as a Window to Science Based Innovation

R eferences [1] Priest, S.H., “Reinterpreting the audiences for media messages about science,” Holliman, R., et al . (eds.) Investigating Science Communication in the Information Age: Implications for Public Engagement and Popular Media, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 223–236, 2009. [2] Besson, J., Woronowicz, T., Mitasiunas, A., Boronowsky, M., “Innovation, Knowledge- and Technology Transfer Process Capability Model – innoSPICE TM ,” The Proc. of the 12th Int. Conf ., SPICE 2012, Palma, Spain, May 29–31, 2012, Software Process Improvement

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Strategy, Corporate Culture, Structure and Operational Processes as the Context for the Innovativeness of an Organization

References [1] Aiken, M., Hage, J., 1971. The Organic Organization and Innovation. Sociology, 5(1), pp.63-82. [2] Arad, S., Hanson, M.A., Schneider, R.J., 1997. A Framework for the Study of Relationships Between Organizational Characteristics and Organizational Innovation. The Journal of Creative Behavior, 31(1), pp.42-58. [3] Armstrong, M., 1992. Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi (Human Resources Management). Kraków: Wyd. Profesjonalnej Szkoły Biznesu. [4] Borowiecki, R., Siuta-Tokarska, B., 2015

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