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Guidelines for the management of haemophilia in Egypt

MS, Metwalli N. Evaluation of the oral health situation of a group of Egyptian haemophilic children and their re-evaluation following an oral hygiene and diet education programme. Haemophilia 2007;13:287-92. 4. Srivastava A, Brewer AK, Mauser-Bunschoten EP, et al; Treatment Guidelines Working Group on Behalf of the World Federation of Hemophilia. Guidelines for the management of hemophilia. Haemophilia 2013; 19: e1-e47. 5. Lobet S, Hermans C, Lambert C. Optimal management of hemophilic arthropathy and hematomas. J Blood Med 2014: 5

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Women with haemophilia: more than just carriers

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The role of the European haemophilia nurse

References 1 Fischer, K, van der Bom JG, Molho P, et al. Prophylactic versus onSdemand treatment strategies for severe haemophilia: a comparison of costs and longSterm outcome. Haemophilia 2002; 8T6U: 745S52. 2 Nilsson IM, Berntorp E, Löfqvist T, Pettersson H. TwentySfive years' experience of prophylactic treatment in severe haemophilia A and B. J Intern Med 1992; 232T1U: 25S32. 3 du Treil S, Rice J, Leissinger CA. Quantifying adherence to treatment and its relationship to quality of life in a wellScharacterized

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FEIBA prophylaxis in a patient with haemophilia and inhibitors

References 1. Srivastava A, Brewer AK, MauserSBunschoten EP et al. Treatment Guidelines Working Group. The World Federation of Hemophilia. Guidelines for the management of hemophilia. Haemophilia 2013; 19: e1V14. 2. Hilgartner MW, Makipernaa A, DiMichele DM. LongSterm FEIBA prophylaxis does not prevent progression of existing joint disease. Haemophilia 2003; 9: 261V8. 3. Valentino LA. FEIBA prophylaxis for patients with haemophilia and inhibitors. Haemophilia 2006; 12TSuppl. 5U: 26V31. 4

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A transgender person with haemophilia

-clinicwaiting-times-patient-numbers-soar-gender-identity-services (accessed 19 November 2018). 6. Joseph A, Cliffe C, Hillyard M, et al. Gender identity and the management of the transgender patient: a guide for nonspecialists. J R Soc Med 2017;110:144-52. 7. World Federation of Hemophilia. Carriers and women with hemophilia. 2012. Available from (accessed 21 November 2018). 8. Schechter LS, Safa B. Introduction to phalloplasty. Clin Plast Surg 2018;45:387-9.

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Myocardial infarction in severe haemophilia

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Management of severe haemophilia A during surgery: case report

REFERENCES 1. Coppola A, Windyga J, Tufano A, et al. Treatment for preventing bleeding in people with haemophilia or other congenital bleeding disorders undergoing surgery. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2015; 2: CD009961. doi: 10.1002/14651858. CD009961.pub2. 2. Neufeld EJ, Solimeno L, Quon D, et al. Perioperative management of haemophilia B: a critical appraisal of the evidence and current practices. Haemophilia 2017; 23: 821–31. 3. Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Haemophilia treatment plan for abdominal surgery. Clinical guidelines

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Gene therapy for haemophilia: an update on progress in clinical trials

References 1. Cancio MI, Reiss UM, Nathwani AC, et al. Developments in the treatment of hemophilia B: focus on emerging gene therapy. Appl Clin Genet 2013; 6: 91-101. doi: 10.2147/TACG.S31928. 2. Gringeri A, Ewenstein B, Reininger A. The burden of bleeding in haemophilia: is one bleed too many? Haemophilia 2014; 20(4): 459-63. doi: 10.1111/hae.12375. 3. Schrijvers LH, Uitslager N, Schuurmans MJ, Fischer K.Barriers and motivators of adherence to prophylactic treatment in haemophilia: a systematic review

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African mothers: Raising boys with haemophilia in the UK

References 1. Jayandharan GR, Srivastava A, Srivastava A. Role of molecular genetics in hemophilia: from diagnosis to therapy. Semin Thromb Hemost 2012; 38X1Y: 64W78. doi: 10.1055/sW0031W1300953. 2. Srivastava A, Brewer AK, MauserWBunschoten EP, et al. Guidelines for the management of hemophilia. Haemophilia 2013; 19X1Y: e1W47. doi: 10.1111/j.1365W 2516.2012.02909.x. 3. UKHCDO Annual Report 2013 & Bleeding Disorders Statistics for the Financial Year 2012/2013. 2013. Zreport[ p. 6. 4. O’Mahony B

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Nurses can meet the challenge of haemophilia care in South Africa

References 1. Mahlangu JN. Haemophilia care in South Africa: 2004K2007 look back. Haemophilia 2008; 15: 135K141.

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