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The need to quickly provide assistance to victims of accidents or seriously ill has created the need for the construction of helipads at selected hospitals. Their operation and the conditions of use are governed by regulation of the Ministry of Health on Hospital Emergency Ward (SOR) and rules required by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The direct vicinity of the helipads causes impact of landing and departing helicopters on buildings, people and hospital equipment as well as the construction of the airfield. This article presents vibroacoustic impact of helicopters on helipads’ measurement methods and the results of the preliminary measurements to estimate the impact of Helicopter Air Rescue (LPR) on adjacent buildings and surroundings.

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Comparison of Computer-Simulation Results for a Jet Engine with Half-Ideal Gas and Ideal Gas as a Working Medium

Two simulative models for the same jet engine, plus simulation results of deceleration, acceleration and steady states of engine operation during ground tests, are presented in the article. The models differ from each other just with the working medium flowing through the engine. In the first model it was assumed that, while the working medium is flowing through the compressor, the isentropic exponent and average specific heat are functions of average total temperature, whereas, while it is flowing through the combustion chamber, turbine, and nozzle, these are functions of corresponding average temperatures of total pressure and combustion air factor. In the second model the working medium is treated as an ideal gas, with constant values of isentropic exponent and specific heat in some parts of the flow being analyzed.

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