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Efficiency Of Technical And Tactical Approach To Teaching Minihandball Game Skills In Different Age Categories

to play and teach games [online]. Dostupné z: . 4. GRÉHAIGNE, J. F., J. f. RICHARD and L. GRIFFIN, 2005. Teaching and Learning Team Sports and Games. USA: Tailor and Francis Group. ISBN 0-415-94639-5. 5. GRIFFIN, L., S. MITCHELL and J. OSLIP, 1997. Teaching sport concepts and skills. A tactical game approach. Champaign: Human Kinetics. ISBN 0-7360-5453-7. 6. LAUNDER, A. G., 2001. Play practice: The games approach to teaching and coaching sports. Champaign, IL

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Some New ‘Short Games’ Within a Set of Tennis

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Temporal effects of final action on the performance of the Portuguese men’s volleyball teams

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Efficiency Of Different Teaching Models In Teaching Of Frisbee Ultimate

References 1. ANTALA, B., 2012. Legislatívna podpora rozvoja pohybových aktivít v školskom prostredí. In: B. ANTALA et. al. Telesná a športová výchova v názoroch žiakov základných a stredných škôl. 1. vyd. Bratislava: END, spol. s. r. o, Topoľčianky, s. 6-21. ISBN 978-80-89324-09-5. 2. BLOMQVIST, M., 2001. Game Understanding and Game Performance in Badminton: Development and validation of assessment instruments and their application to games teaching and coaching. Jyväskylä. Diplomová práca. University of Jyväskylä. 3. DALTON, W., 2009

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Validation of Sensor-Based Game Analysis Tools in Tennis

:// . Lames, M. (1994). Systematische Spielbeobachtung (Systematic Game Observation). Münster: Philippka. PlaySight (2018). Retrieved December 1st, 2018, from SONY, 2018. Retrieved November 27, 2018, from ZEPP, 2018. Retrieved November 27, 2018, from

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Data Mining in Elite Beach Volleyball – Detecting Tactical Patterns Using Market Basket Analysis

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Method of Observation and their Effects in the Selection of Potential Football Goalkeepers

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A Logistic Regression/Markov Chain Model for American College Football

, 2017, from Trono, J. (2012). Bowl Game Predictions. Retrieved October 3, 2016, from

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A Pilot Study on Offensive Success in Soccer Based on Space and Ball Control – Key Performance Indicators and Key to Understand Game Dynamics

soccer: an advanced approach. International Journal of Computer Science in Sport, 12 , 33-44. Perl, J., & Memmert, D. (2011). Net-Based Game Analysis by Means of the Software Tool SOCCER. International Journal of Computer Science in Sport, 10 , 77-84. Perl, J., Grunz, A., & Memmert, D. (2013). Tactics in soccer: an advanced approach. International Journal of Computer Science in Sport, 12 , 33-44. Rein, R., & Memmert, D. (2016). Big data and tactical analysis in elite soccer: future challenges and opportunities for sports science. SpringerPlus, 5

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Student-centered approach and alternative assessments to improve students’ learning domains during health education sessions

really know about game play? Using game play scenarios to go beyond the traditional written test. Strategies, 24(2): 15-18. 27. Ratey J. (2008) SPARK: The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain . New York: Little, Brown and Company. 28. Scarino A. (2010) Assessing intercultural capability in learning languages: A renewed understanding of language, culture, learning, and the nature of assessment. The Modern Language Journal, 94(2): 324-329. 29. Scruggs P.W. (2007) Quantifying activity time via pedometry in fifth-and sixth

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