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The Game of the Sphere or of the Universe — a Spiral Race Game from 17th century France

Adrian Seville. The Royal Game of the Goose . New York: The Grolier Club, 2016

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The Game of Seven: Glückshaus and Related Dice Games

, 1993] Milano, A. (1993). Temi populari nei giochi di guiseppe maria mitelli. In Homo Ludens - Der spielende Mensch. III , volume 3, pages 129–141, München/Salzburg. Verlag Emil Katzbichler. [Parlett, 1999] Parlett, D. S. (1999). The Oxford history of board games . Oxford University Press, Oxford. [Plock and Seville, 2012] Plock, P. and Seville, A. (2012). The rothschild collection of printed board games at waddesdon manor. In Of Boards and Men: Board Games Investigated. Proceedings of the XIIIth Board Game Studies Colloquium , pages 91–127, Paris

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A game that never was: Verney’s duodecimal chess

. Turkish great chess and chinese whispers: misadventures of a chess variant. In: Board Game Studies Journal. [Verney, 1885] Verney, G. (1885). Chess Eccentricities . Longmans, Green, & Company, London.

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eSports Evolution in Football Game Series

. (2017). Roger Caillois and e-sports: On the problems of treating play as work. Games and Culture , 12 (4), 321–339. Brown, K.A., Billings, A.C., Murphy, B., & Puesan, L. (2018). Intersections of fandom in the age of interactive media: eSports fandom as a predictor of traditional sport fandom. Communication and Sport , 6 (4), 418–435. Buro, M. & Churchill, D. (2012). Real-time strategy game competitions. AI Magazine , 33 (3), 106.

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Game-Based Approaches’ Pedagogical Principles: Exploring Task Constraints in Youth Soccer

action in sport and exercise: ask not only what you do, but where you do it. Int J Sport Pychol , 2009; 40: 5-37 Araújo D, Davids K, Hristovski R. The ecological dynamics of decision making in sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise , 2006; 7: 653–676 Arias JL, Argudo FM, Alonso JI. Effect of two different forms of three-point line on game actions in girls' mini-basketball. Sajr Sper , 2011a; 33: 9-22 Bayer C. The teaching of collective sports games. Barcelona: H. E; 1992 Bunker D, Thorpe RA. Model for the teaching of games in Secondary

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Game Intensity Analysis of Elite Adolescent Ice Hockey Players

Duthie G, Pyne D, Hooper S. The reliability of video based time-motion analysis. J Hum Mov Stud, 2003a; 44: 259-272 Duthie G, Pyne D, Hooper S. Applied physiology and game analysis of rugby union. Sports Med, 2003b; 33: 973-991 Esteve-Lanao J, San Juan AF, Earnest CP, Foster C, Lucia A. How do endurance runners actually train? Relationship with competition performance. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2005; 37: 496-504 Foster C, Cotter HM. Blood lactate, respiratory, and heart rate markers on the capacity for sustained exercise. In

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The Comoros: a confluence of board game histories

Archaeological Science , 40:1715– 1730. [Depaulis, 2001] Depaulis, T. (2001). Jeux de parcours du monde arabomusulman (afrique du nord et proche-orient). Board Game Studies , 4:53–76. [Falkener, 1892] Falkener, E. (1892). Games Ancient and Oriental and how to play them . Longmans, Greens & Co., London. [Jansen, 1990] Jansen, R. (1990). Van alfonso x tot broekkamp de veelzijdige. Hoofdlijn , 10:12–13. [Kronenburg et al., 2006] Kronenburg, T., Donkers, J., and de Voogt, A. (2006). Endless moves in bao. Journal of the International Computer Games

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Culture of Sedentary Play in India – The Space Context


Playing of sedentary games with dice and playing board games have had a major role in the Indian culture since at least 3000 BCE. This is shown by archaeological sites and early literary references in the Rig-Veda, Mahabharata and other texts. Some of these games have survived in the form of boards, game pieces, dice and cards. Apart from actual sets, the traces of board games can also be found in Hindu rock cut temples. These sculptures and paintings appear across the medieval period. The list is exhaustive. The game play also finds its presence on numerous temple floorings, carved or inscribed. Why would somebody carve these board games on these spaces? Interestingly, throughout history, some board games have increased its popularity, and some have disappeared from artistic expressional record. How did one board game overtake the other in terms of its popularity in the later phases of history? What made these games socially acceptable and popular? Where were these games played? What was the space context? The paintings dominantly show royal houses, court rooms as spaces. Were there special pavilions used for game playing by Indian royals? In India board games were traditionally played at ground level. With growing European influence in the subcontinent in the 18th century, local elites adopted the western custom of elevated furniture for board games. Did this change the space context?

The paper thus tries to evolve parameters to analyze the impact of board games on spaces and would throw light on the “space context” with reference to Indian board games tracing it to the contemporary time.

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Influence of Game Evolution and the Phase of Competition on Temporal Game Structure in High-Level Table Tennis Tournaments

Introduction Game temporal characteristics have been widely studied in racket sports such as tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis, which can be good references for specific training prescription ( Cabello Manrique and González-Badillo, 2003 ; Fernandez-Fernandez et al., 2007 ; Kovacs, 2006 ; Lees, 2003 ; Zagatto et al., 2010 ). Although some studies have investigated temporal variables in high-level table tennis matches ( Drianovski and Otcheva, 2002 ; Katsikadelis et al., 2007 ; Katsikadelis et al., 2010 ; Zagatto et al., 2016 ), these studies

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Game Analysis of Olympic, World and European Championships in Men’s Handball

time periods of the game on the final outcome of. EHF Web Periodical 2007. Available at:; accessed on 16.03.2011 Yang Z, Zhang S, Chen R. Analysis on the present situations of men basketball teams by the final of the 10. national games of China. J Nanjing Ins of Physic Edu , 2006; 02 Yiannakos A, Sileloglou P, Gerodimos V, Triantafillou P, Armatas V, Kellis S. Analysis and comparison of fast break in top

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