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The Cultural and Educational Dimension of the “New Silk Road:” The Re-invention of Mongolness at the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands

the 1950s . Lanham: Lexington Books. Rolland, Nadège. 2017. “China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’: Underwhelming or Game-Changer?” The Washington Quarterly , 40 (1), pp. 127–142. Rossabi, Morris. 1993. “Introduction”. In Paul Ratchnevsky, ed., Genghis Khan: His Life and Leg-acy . Oxford: Blackwell, pp. x–xxviii. Scott, James. 2009. The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia . New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Sidaway, James D., and Chih Yuan Woon. 2017. “Chinese Narratives on ‘One Belt, One Road’ in

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East Asian Technical Cooperation Initiatives in Central America: A Comparative Analysis of Japan and South Korea in Guatemala

Working Paper March , pp. 1–28. Sanahuja, José. 2010. “Post-Liberal Regionalism: S-S Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean.” In Roy Rathin and Melissa Andrade, eds., South-South Cooperation. The Same Old Game or a New Paradigm? New York: UNDP Poverty in Focus, 20, pp. 17–19. SEGEPLAN (Secretaría de Planificación y Programación de la Presidencia). 2018 [1]. “Fuentes bilaterales.” Online: (accessed

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Close Encounter of the 3D Kind: Examining Constructions of the Foreign ‘Other’ in Japanese Videogames

References Ackermann, Erich. “Von mythischen Figuren und Zauberdingen: Die Wurzeln der Phantastik in der Antike.” In Fantastische Welten: Märchen, Mythen, Fantasy, edited by Thomay LeBlanc and Wilhelm Solms. Regensburg: Röth, 1994, pp. 59-84 Beil, Benjamin. Game Studies: Eine Einführung. Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2013 Beil, Benjamin, Gundolf S. Freyermuth, and Lisa Gotto. “Vorwort.” In New Game Plus: Perspektiven der Game Studies: Genres - Künste - Diskurse, edited by Benjamin Beil, Gundolf S. Freyermuth, and Lisa

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Sustainability in Hunting Licence Systems of Japan and South Korea

-299 Byun Woo Hyuk, So Ra Kim, Won-Myoung Kim, Tae-Mim Kim, and Woo-Kyun Lee. “A GIS Based Study on Spatial Characteristics of Wild Boar Movement.” In Forest Science and Technology, 3/1, 2007, pp. 78-84 CIC - Wildlife (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation). “Hunting and Wildlife in Korea.” 2012, CIC - Wildlife Budapest,, accessed December 2012 Choi Tae-Young and Chong-Hwa Park. In Wildlife Vehicle Collision by Increasing the Number of Wildlife Passages in Korea. Seoul: Seoul

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Sino-Russian Relations: The Impact of Central Asian Energy Resources

Importance of Central Asia in Chinese National Strategy.“ In China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, 8/1, 2010, pp. 65-81 Brill Olcott, Martha. “China’s Unmatched Influence in Central Asia.” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2013,, accessed September 2013 Burghart, Daniel. “Playing Chess on the Eurasia Steppe: The State of the Energy ‘Game’ 10 Years into the New Millennium in Russia and the Near Abroad.” In China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, 8

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China’s New Silk Roads. Categorising and Grouping the World: Beijing’s 16+1+X European Formula

:// (accessed: July 4, 2018). Qiaoan, Runya T. 2015. “Czech President Zeman at Chinese V-day Parade.” Institute of Asian Studies (Bratislava) Blog (September 8). Online: (accessed: June 18, 2018). Rolland, Nadège. 2017. “China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’: Underwhelming or Game-Changer?” The Washington Quarterly, 40 (1), pp. 127-142. Salzburg Forum 2010. Salzburg Forum Vision 2020. August 24. Online: http

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The Construction of National Identity through Cybernetic Process: The Example of “K’na” Dance Event in Greek and Turkish Thrace

processes in the “game” of gender identity construction. Dance and gendered transformation in the community of Megala Kalyvia, Trikala, Thessaly . PhD thesis. Athens: Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, National Kapodistrian University of Athens Ellestad, J. & Stets, J. E. (1998). Jealousy and parenting: Predicting emotions from identity theory. Sociological Perspectives , 41 , 639-668. Erixon, S. (1967). Urgent-ethnological tasks. Ethnologia Europaea, 1 ,163-169. Filippidou, E. (2010). Recycling the tradition: The dance in Nea Vyssa

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