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Using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) strategy tool to support the Play4Guidance online entrepreneurial game

Entrepreneurship Education: Conceptual and Empirical Insights. Journal of Small Business Management, 51(3), 352-369. doi: 10.1111/ jsbm.12023 [9] Osterwlader, A and Pigneur, Y. (2010). Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers and Challengers. New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons. [10] Pawlowski, J. M., & Holtkamp, P. (2012). Towards an Internationalization of the Information Systems [11] Curriculum. In: Proc. of MKWI 2012 (Multi Conference Business Information Systems), Braunschweig, March 2012

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The Employee Resourcing of Human Resources Management: A Comparative Aspect

National de Recherche Pédagogique. 5. Remmele, B., Schmette, M., & Seeber, G. (2007). Game-based entrepreneurship education . Proceedings of the annual conference on new learning 2.0? emerging digital territories – developing new continuities. Retrieved from https://ru./ . 6. Shynkaruk, V. D. (2017). Aspekty ukrainsko-polskoi spivpratsi v haluzi osvity i nauky . Materialy Mizhnarodnoi naukovo-praktychnoi konferentsii «Ukraina – Polshcha: stratehichne partnerstvo v systemi heopolitychnykh

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Digital Geogames to foster local biodiversity

. [21] Eagly, A. & Chaiken, S. (1993). The psychology of attitudes. New York: HBJ. [22] Fang, X., Chan, S., Brzezinski, J. & Nair, C. (2010). Development of an Instrument to Measure Enjoyment of Computer Game Play. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 26, 868-886. [23] Frick, J., Kaiser, F. G., & Wilson, M. (2004). Environmental knowledge and conservation behavior: exploring prevalence and structure in a representative sample. Personality and Individual Differences, 37(8), 1597-1613. [24] Fu, F., Su, R

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Conceptual Ideas of Masters' Professional Training in International Relations in Great Britain

Russian). 3. Bicchieri, C. (2003). Rationality and Game Theory. In: Mele, A. and Rawling, P. (Eds.) The Handbook of Rationality. Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 200. 4. Brôgelmann, H. (1972). Lernziele im offenen Curriculum. Beitrage zur Theorie und Praxis [Educational goals in the open curriculum. Reports on Theory and Practice]. In: Zeitschrift fôr Pädagogik. Arbeitskreis Curriculum Weinheim: Beltz Verlag, V. 2, p. 16–34 (in German). 5. Darling-Hammond, L., Bransford, J., Lepage, P. (2007). Preparing teachers for a changing world: what teachers should know

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The Creation of Multimedia Resources to support the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Coach Education Programme (CEP)

. (2014). Promoting a Creative Educational Entrepreneurial Approach in Higher Education. International Journal for Transformative Research, 1(1), 75-100 [10] Daly, P. (2014), Iomain: Tradition in Practice: How Ireland and Scotland’s Celtic Rivalry Influenced the Development of the Modern-Day Game of (accessed on 24th September 2016) [11] Horgan, P., & Daly, P. (2015). The Role of the Coach Developer in Supporting and Guiding Coach Learning. A Commentary. International Sport Coaching Journal, 2, 354

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