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The self-similarity properties and multifractal analysis of DNA sequences

as the human genome, are made up of 3000 million base pairs [ 1 ]. In the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) directories are the databases that contain complete genomes, complete sequences of chromosomes, sequences of mRNAs, and proteins. The importance to analyse the large DNA databases in the Nonlinear Dynamics context is based on the work conducted earlier by Jeffrey [ 2 ], who proposed a graphic representation of these databases via an extended chaos game. Other contributions similarly based on a statistical description of DNA sequences take

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Predicting the separation of time scales in a heteroclinic network

Dynamics in a Lotka–Volterra Model Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 18 043103 [6] C. Hauert and G. Szabø, (2005), Game Theory and Physics. American Journal of Physics, 73, pp. 405–414. 10.1119/1.1848514 Hauert C. Szabø G. 2005 Game Theory and Physics American Journal of Physics 73 405 414 [7] G. Szabó, J. Vukov, and A. Szolnoki, (2005), Phase Diagrams for an Evolutionary Prisoner’s Dilemma Game on Two-Dimensional Lattices. Physical Review E, 72, p. 047107. 10.1103/PhysRevE.72.047107 Szabó G. Vukov J. Szolnoki

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Shapley-Folkman-Lyapunov theorem and Asymmetric First price auctions

-convex preferences in finite setting by proposing approximate equilibria ( Starr 1969 , Starr 2011 , Starr 2016 ). This paper was written by following of this idea. In this paper asymmetric auction was used in order to prove the previous theoretical models. Auction in most general terms is a game theoretic mechanism which allocates an object (set of objects) and is composed of set of bidders χ , set of objects allocated, a private type space Θ, and public type space Ξ. And where each bidder has type of distributions { θ i , ξ i } ∈ Θ × Ξ, and Θ × Ξ = ∑ i = 1 N Θ i × ∑ i

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Video Observation of Perseids meteor shower 2016 from Egypt

outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. The analysis of Perseids data for 2016 presented here is based on the single station observations. The character of the activity in these years was ordinary for the Perseids shower with maximum activity on August 11 (with solar longitude 139.4°). SonotaCo software was used for detection and analysis of the meteors observations. Communicated by E.I. Abouelmagd References [1] Gamal F. Attia, A. M. Abdelaziz and S. K. Tealib 3.(2016), METEORS VIDEO OBSERVATION SYSTEM IN (NRIAG) EGYPT, GOALS AND EQUIPMENT, Global Journal of

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Comparison of the Yields of Selected Components in the Smoke of Different Tobacco Products / Vergleich der Ausbeute an mehreren ausgewählten Komponenten im Rauch verschiedener Tabakerzeugnisse

.Wynder, E. L, und Hoffmann, D.: New Engl. J. Med. 262 (i960) 540 8.Hoffmann, E>., und Wynder, E. L.: Bei tr. Tabakf. 1 (1961) 101 9.Wynder, E. L., und Hoffmann, D.: Cancer 12 (1959) 1079 10.Roe, F. ]., Salaman, M. N., und Cohen, J. : Brit. J. Cancer 13 (1959) 623 11.Wynder, E. L., und Hoffmann, D. : Cancer 14 (1961) 1306 12.Wartman, W. B., Cogbill, E. C., und Harlow, E. S.: Anal. Chem. 31 (1959) 1705 13.Gamer, W. W.: in The Production of Tobacco, 1. Auflage, 520. Verlag

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The Combustibility of Tobacco/Über die Brennfähigkeit von Tabak

) 317. 16. Schmid, K.: Tabakforsch., Fon:hheim, Nr. 3, 1950. 17. Provost, A.: Technique du Tabac, Lausanne, 1959· 18. Mira-Alcaraz, E.: Estudios y Experiencias, Madrid 1 (1949) 53. 19. Gamer, W. W.: The production of tobacco, II. ed.Blakiton Co., Phil., 1951, 20. Halley, D. E., Nasset, E. S., Olson, O.: Plant Physiol. 3 (1928) 185. 21. Meyer, Ad.: Die Landw. Versuchsstationen, Bd. 38, 1890. 22. Oberthür, K.: Deutsdte Genußmittel 5 (1953) 176. 23. Barth, M

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Research on the Dynamic Evolution Behavior of Group Loitering Air Vehicles

UAV formation [ 4 ], Flight formation is investigated in reference [5-7]. Flight In reference [ 8 ], the model of multi-agents dynamic group is applied to cooperative task allocation. Cooperative task allocation problem is discussed using game theory [ 9 ]. Lanah, Ana, Herman and Albert [ 10 ] consider the online stochastic UAV mission planning problem with time windows and time-sensitive targets using are-planning approach. Target tracking is discussed in reference [ 11 ], and many others [ 12 - 19 ]. In this paper we focus on integrated Reconnaissance/Strike LAV

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Tobacco Products and Smoke: General Report

. D., and Bavley, A.: Beitr. Tabakforsch. ; (1965) 278. l.28. Neurath, G., and Lorentzen, G.: Beitr. Tabakforsch. 2 (1965) 73. 129. Smith, G. A. L., and King, D. A.: Analyst 90 (Jan. J.965) 55. 130. Spears, A. W.: Anal. Chem. 35 (J.963) 320. 13l.. Crouse, R. H., Gamer, J. W., and O'Neill, H. J.: J. Gas Chromatog. l. (1965) J.8. 132. Waltz, P., Hausermann, M., and Krull, A.: Beitr. Tabakforsch.; (1965) 26;. 133. Waltz, P., Hausermann, M., and Krull, A.: Z. Lebensm. Unterss.-Forsch. 1.26 (1965) 417

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Optimal control problems for differential equations applied to tumor growth: state of the art

growth of a tumor. They use ordinary differential equations [ 2 , 6 , 13 , 54 ], partial differential equations [ 1 , 3 , 34 ], stochastic processes [ 38 ], game theory [ 52 ], etc. In this review, we focus on 4 applications of the control theory to the growth of tumors: The first is referred to the application of the theory of optimal control to compartmental models. The second deals with the theory of optimal control of brain tumors. The third deals with a topic that is becoming more and more important: the resistance in tumors to different treatments

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