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eSports Evolution in Football Game Series

. (2017). Roger Caillois and e-sports: On the problems of treating play as work. Games and Culture , 12 (4), 321–339. Brown, K.A., Billings, A.C., Murphy, B., & Puesan, L. (2018). Intersections of fandom in the age of interactive media: eSports fandom as a predictor of traditional sport fandom. Communication and Sport , 6 (4), 418–435. Buro, M. & Churchill, D. (2012). Real-time strategy game competitions. AI Magazine , 33 (3), 106.

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Game-Based Approaches’ Pedagogical Principles: Exploring Task Constraints in Youth Soccer

action in sport and exercise: ask not only what you do, but where you do it. Int J Sport Pychol , 2009; 40: 5-37 Araújo D, Davids K, Hristovski R. The ecological dynamics of decision making in sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise , 2006; 7: 653–676 Arias JL, Argudo FM, Alonso JI. Effect of two different forms of three-point line on game actions in girls' mini-basketball. Sajr Sper , 2011a; 33: 9-22 Bayer C. The teaching of collective sports games. Barcelona: H. E; 1992 Bunker D, Thorpe RA. Model for the teaching of games in Secondary

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Game Intensity Analysis of Elite Adolescent Ice Hockey Players

Duthie G, Pyne D, Hooper S. The reliability of video based time-motion analysis. J Hum Mov Stud, 2003a; 44: 259-272 Duthie G, Pyne D, Hooper S. Applied physiology and game analysis of rugby union. Sports Med, 2003b; 33: 973-991 Esteve-Lanao J, San Juan AF, Earnest CP, Foster C, Lucia A. How do endurance runners actually train? Relationship with competition performance. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2005; 37: 496-504 Foster C, Cotter HM. Blood lactate, respiratory, and heart rate markers on the capacity for sustained exercise. In

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Influence of Game Evolution and the Phase of Competition on Temporal Game Structure in High-Level Table Tennis Tournaments

Introduction Game temporal characteristics have been widely studied in racket sports such as tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis, which can be good references for specific training prescription ( Cabello Manrique and González-Badillo, 2003 ; Fernandez-Fernandez et al., 2007 ; Kovacs, 2006 ; Lees, 2003 ; Zagatto et al., 2010 ). Although some studies have investigated temporal variables in high-level table tennis matches ( Drianovski and Otcheva, 2002 ; Katsikadelis et al., 2007 ; Katsikadelis et al., 2010 ; Zagatto et al., 2016 ), these studies

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Game Analysis of Olympic, World and European Championships in Men’s Handball

time periods of the game on the final outcome of. EHF Web Periodical 2007. Available at:; accessed on 16.03.2011 Yang Z, Zhang S, Chen R. Analysis on the present situations of men basketball teams by the final of the 10. national games of China. J Nanjing Ins of Physic Edu , 2006; 02 Yiannakos A, Sileloglou P, Gerodimos V, Triantafillou P, Armatas V, Kellis S. Analysis and comparison of fast break in top

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Game Performance Versus Competitive Performance in the World Championship of Handball 2011

. Technical Efficiency in the Major League Soccer. JSE , 2003; 4(3): 203-215 Hraste M, Dizdar D, Trninic V. Experts Opinion about System of the Performance Evaluation Criteria Weighted per Positons in the Water Polo Game. Coll Antr, 2008; 32: 851-861 Lozano S, Villa G, Guerrero F, Cortés P. Measuring the performance of nations at the Summer Olympics using data envelopment analysis. JORS, 2002; 53: 501-511 Ramón N, Ruiz JL, Sirvent I. Reducing differences between profiles of weights: A “peer-restricted” crossefficiency

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Basketball Game-Related Statistics that Discriminate Between European Players Competing in the NBA and in the Euroleague

-individual levels of analysis, the patterns of coordination and control that determine performance outcomes, seem to emerge from the interacting organismic, environmental, and task constraints of coordinative structures ( Glazier, 2015 ). In basketball, several available studies have used game-related statistics to measure player’s performance in competitions ( Hughes and Bartlett, 2002 ), allowing to assess offensive and defensive actions either in a match or during an entire season ( Ziv et al., 2010 ). The obtained results allow to adequately assess and describe performance

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Endoparasitoses of fallow deer (Dama dama) in game-park in South Moravia (Czech Republic)

-intestinal nematodes of fallow deer (Dama dama L.) in Germany. Vet. Parasitol., 16: 173–176. DOI: 10.1016/0304-4017(84)90018-9 [4] Chroust, K. (2001): Parasitic diseases of deer. Myslivecké listy (Hunting Letters), Supplementum, 1. Ivan Straka, Újezd u Brna [5] Chroust, K., Vitula, F. (2005): Anthelmintic efficacy of Cermix premix of the nematodes in game animals. Veterinářství, 55: 707–713 [6] Červený, J., Anděra, M., Koubek, P., Homolka, M., Toman, A

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Split-Step Timing of Professional and Junior Tennis Players

conversion into numerical data entailed the following steps: (1) recording tennis matches; (2) re-recording and compression of the recordings into digital format; (3) calibration of the recordings (time and space calibration); (4) data processing with the SAGIT/TENNIS tracking system (notation of players’ movement, split-step, strokes, outcomes and game phases) and exporting into a database; and (5) processing the data with the statistical programme. Analysis For the purpose of the study, the following data were collected: category, match, player, type of the

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Physical characteristics of elite adolescent female basketball players and their relationship to match performance

study team and players’ match performances for the purpose of enhancing the training process ( Hughes and Franks, 2004 ; Sarmento et al., 2014 ). In basketball, one of the most common performance outcomes of interest is the action performed by each player in real match situations, usually indicated by gamerelated statistics (e.g. points per game, rebounds and assists) ( Ibáñez et al., 2009 ; Ziv et al., 2010 ). There is limited research that investigated game–related statistics discriminating between winning and losing teams in male ( Gómez et al., 2008 ) and female

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