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The role of the precedent phenomenon in creating a language game in the headlines of political media discourse

linguistics . New York: Columbia University Press. [9] Zemskaya, E. A., Kitaigorodskaya, M. A., Rozanova, N. N., 1983. Language game. Russian colloquial speech . Moscow. [10] Zakharova, M. V., 2006. Language game as a fact of the modern stage of development of the Russian literary language. Znamya , May, № 5, pp. 159–168. [11] Sukhoverkhov, A. V., 2013. Ecological approach to the study of language, communication and cognition. Bulletin of Tomsk State University. Journal of Philosophy. Sociology and Political Science , 4(24), 48–54. [12

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A semiotic exploration of catastrophes in game worlds

., Surace, B., Thibault, M. (Eds.), I discorsi della fine. Catastrofi, disastri, apocalissi . Roma: Aracne, pp.: 165-180. [18] Mitchell, S., Hamilton, S.N., 2018. Playing at apocalypse: Reading Plague Inc. in pandemic culture. Convergence , 24, 587–606. [19] Lehdonvirta, V., 2010. Virtual worlds don’t exist: Questioning the dichotomous approach in MMO studies. Game Studies , 10. [20] Eco, U., 1979. Lector in fabula . Milano: Bompiani. [21] Calabrese, O., 2011. L’arte del trompe-l’oeil . Milano: Jaka Book. [22] Balicer, R., 2005. Modeling

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From Arkngthand to Wretched Squalor: Fictional place-names in The Elder Scrolls universe

References Adams, Fred, Gary Fuller and Robert Stecker. 1997. The semantics of fictional names. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 78 (2): 128–148. . Barseghyan, Liana. 2017. On some characteristic features of video game discourse. [ Foreign Languages at Higher School ] 2017 (1): 11–18. Bell, Alice, Astrid Ensslin and Hans Kristian Rustad (eds.). 2014. Analyzing digital fiction (Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Stylistics 5). New York: Routledge. Beregi, Tamás. 2010. Pixelhősök: A számítógépes

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