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Optimization of Satellite Combination in Kinematic Positioning Mode with the Aid of Genetic Algorithm

References Allen, F., and Karjalainen, R. (1999) Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Technical Trading Rules. Journal of Financial Economics 51, pp. 245-271. Buckland, M. (2002) AI Technique for Game Programming. The Premier Press Game Development Series, Premier Press. Holland, J. H. (1975) Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems. The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor Kim, S., Ito, K., Yoshihara, D., and Wakisaka, T. (2005) Application of a

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Performance of Absolute Real-Time Multi-GNSS Kinematic Positioning

REFERENCES Aughey RJ., and Falloon C (2010). Real-time versus post-game GPS data in team sports, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport , 13, 348–349, doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2009.01.006 Bisnath S., and Gao Y (2009). Current State of Precise Point Positioning and Future Prospects and Limitations,. In: Observing our Changing Earth. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp 615–623 Dow JM., Neilan RE., and Rizos C (2009). The International GNSS Service in a changing landscape of Global Navigation Satellite Systems,. J. Geod. 83

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Phenological Analysis of the Last Glacial Vertebrates from the Territory of Moravia (the Czech Republic) – Continuity and Change in Faunistic Communities

Zoologici Fennici, 28: 241-244. Musil, R. (1993): Die Ursachen der Veränderungen der Großsäugergemeinschaften im letzten Glazial und am Anfang des Holozäns: Tatsachen und Hypothesen. - Quartär, 43/44: 191-197. Musil, R. (1994a): Migration and extinction of mammals at the turn of Pleistocene and Holocene. - Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Geologica, 1992(1-2): 159-163. Musil, R. (1994b): Hunting game of the culture layer of Pavlov. - In: Svoboda, J. (ed.), Pavlov I. Excavations 1952- 1953 (The Dolní Věstonice Studies, vol. 2

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The mammalian fauna of Barová Cave (Moravian Karst, the Czech Republic)

Daele, L., Goodwin, E., Aumiller, L., Reynolds, H., Hristienko, H. (1993): A Laboratory manual for cementum age determination of Alaska Brown Bear first premolar Teeth. – Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation, Milltown, Montana, USA, 82 pp. Medill, S., Derocher, A. E., Stirling, I., Lunn, N., Moses, R. A. (2009): Estimating Cementum Annuli Width in Polar Bears: Identifying Sources of Variation and Error. – Journal of Mammalogy, 90(5): 1256–1264. Musil, R. (1959): Jeskynní medvěd z

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Risk Management as a Basis for Integrated Water Cycle Management in Kazakhstan

, A.G., Kosarev, A.N. (Eds.) 2010. The Aral Sea. Environment Springer, 355 p. Lundy, L., Meyer B.C. 2014. Application of a Water Framework Directive approach in Kazakhstan. In: In Meyer, B.C., Lundy, L. (Eds.) Integrated water cycle management in Kazakhstan. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Publishing House, Almaty, 250–255. Madani, K. 2010. Game theory and water resources. Journal of Hydrology 381 , 225–238. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2009.11.045 Meyer, B.C., Lundy, L. (Eds.) 2014. Integrated water cycle management in Kazakhstan. Al-Farabi Kazakh

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Impacts of Stone Mining and Crushing on Stream Characters and Vegetation Health of Dwarka River Basin of Jharkhand and West Bengal, Eastern India

-21. Clavel. P., Bouchard, B. 1980. Incidences des extractions de granulats d’alluvions et de certains travaux hydrauliques, sur le periphyton, la production primaire et la production secondaire danstrois cours d’eau du massif central. Ann Stat Biol Besse en Chandesse 14: 350. Cordone, A.J., Kelley, D.W.1961. The influences of inorganic sediment on the aquatic life of streams. Calif Fish Game 47(2): 189-228. CPCB, 2009. Comprehensive Industry Document Stone Crushers, Central Pollution Control Board, Govt. Of India, Series: COINDS/78

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Consumption of canid meat at the Gravettian Předmostí site, the Czech Republic

). – Paläontologische Abhandlungen, 3: 1–192. Musil, R. (2000): Evidence for the domestication of wolves in Central European Magdalenian sites. – In: Crockford, S. J. (ed.), Dogs through time: an archaeological perspective. Proceedings of the 1st ICAZ Symposium on the History of the Domestic Dog. BAR International Series, 889: 21–28. Musil, R. (2003): Hunting and utilization of game in Palaeolithic cultures. – Veröffentlichungen des Landesamtes für Archäologie, 57: 425–431. Musil, R. (2008): The paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental conditions at Předmostí. – In

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Reshaping local borders in Europe today. A critical reflection founded on an analysis of the case of Finland

& Vammalle, C 2012, Finland: Restructuring local government and services. Reforming Fiscal Federalism and Local Government: Beyond the Zero-Sum Game. OECD. Bouckaert, G & Kuhlmann, S 2016, ‛Introduction: Comparing local public sector reforms: Institutional policies in context’, in Local public sector reforms in times of crisis national trajectories and international comparisons, eds S Kuhlmann & G Bouckaert, Palgrave-Macmillan, London, pp. 1-22. DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-52548-2 Burgueño, J & Guerrero, M 2014, ‛El mapa municipal de España. Una

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Opportunities and costs of tourism for a new Humanism

References Arlem 2012, Relazione sul turismo sostenbile nel Mediterraneo . Available from: < >. [February 2015]. Bizzarri, C & Querini, G 2006, Economia del Turismo Sostenibile , Milano, Franco Angeli. Bizzarri, C 2008, La valorizzazione economica del territorio mediante le attività turistiche , Rome. Bimonte, S, Niglia, G & Punzo, FL 2006, Game Theory and sustainable tourism development: the role of tourist-resident interaction

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Note on the stable isotope values of vein calcite in the El-Seboah peralkaline granite (SW Egypt)

References Al-Gamal, S. A. (1997). Hydrology of overland flow at Halaylb and Shelatin watersheds, Eastern Desert, Egypt. Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 21 , 295-304. Clayton, C. J. (1994). Microbial and organic processes. In A. Parker & B. W. Sellwood (Eds), Quantitative diagenesis: Recent developments and applications to reservoir geology (pp.125-160). Kluwer Academic Publishers. Clayton, R. N., & Degens, E. T. (1959). Use of carbon isotope analyses

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