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Game Theory Based Radio Resource Management Algorithm for Packet Access Cellular Networks

., “Game Theory”, MIT Press Cambridge, MA, 1991. [13] Han, Z., et al., “Fair Multiuser Channel Allocation for OFDMA Networks Using Nash Bargaining Solutions and Coalitions”, IEEE Transactions on Communications , vol. 53, no. 8, pp.1366-1376, 2005. [14] Touati, C., et al., “Generalised Nash Bargaining Solution for Bandwidth Allocation”, Computer Networks , vol. 50, pp.3243-3263, 2006. [15] 3GPP, “Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); Multiplexing and channel coding”, 3GPP Tech. Rep. TS 36.212, Release 9, 2010. (online), Available from

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Solving of the Modified Filter Algebraic Riccati Equation for H-infinity fault detection filtering

References [1] Edelmayer, A., Bokor, J., Keviczky, L., “An H ∞ Filtering Approach to Robust Detection of Failures in Dynamical Systems”, in Proc. 33th Annual Decision and Control, Conf. , pp. 3037-3039, Buena Vista, USA, 1994. [2] Edelmayer, A., Bokor, J., Keviczky, L., “An H ∞ Filter Design for Linear Systems: Comparison of two Approaches” IFAC 13 th Triennial World Congress, San Francisco, USA , 1996. [3] Yaesh, I., Shaked, U., “ Game Theory Approach to Optimal Linear State Estimation and Its Relation to the Minimum H ∞ -norm Estimation

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GNU Radio Based Testbed (GRaTe-BED) for Evaluating the Communication Link of Unmanned Aerial Systems

-00000aab0f6b&acdnat=1444068326_18bdf0fe9b500d0fcc69e141753afc30 . [14] Koepke, G., Young, W., Ladbury, J., Coder, J., “Complexities of testing interference and coexistence of wireless systems in critical infrastructure”, 2015, . [15] Slater, D., Tague, P., Poovendran, R., Li, M., “A game-theoretic framework for jamming attacks and mitigation in commercial aircraft wireless networks” . [16] Jamshidi, M., Jaimes

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Applying the Computer Aided Systems in Education Process

REFERENCES [1] J. G. H. Carlson, A. C. Yao. “Simulating an agile, synchronized manufacturing system,” International Journal of Production Economics , Vol. 112, pp. 714- 722, Apr. 2008. [2] M. Matúšová. Application of simulation method in manufacturing system design . Trnava, STU Bratislava, 2015, pp. 88, ISBN 978-80-227-4487-4. [3] Z. Kosmadoudia, T. Lima, J. Ritchie, S. Louchart, Y. Liu, R. Sunga. Engineering design using game-enhanced CAD: The potential to augment the user experience with game elements”. Computer-Aided Design , Vol.5, Issue

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Safety Management in the Age of Internet Threats

: [Dec. 15, 2018]. [4] Five-year-old girl suffers horrific burns after becoming the latest victim of ‘fire fairy’ game spreading online where children are told to secretly turn on gas rings. Available [Dec. 09, 2018]. [5] K. Hollá. Sexting a kyberšikana . Bratislava: Iris, 2016. [6] R. Juncor, J. Masrodicasa. Connecting to the Net.Generation: What higher education

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