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Game Theory Based Radio Resource Management Algorithm for Packet Access Cellular Networks

., “Game Theory”, MIT Press Cambridge, MA, 1991. [13] Han, Z., et al., “Fair Multiuser Channel Allocation for OFDMA Networks Using Nash Bargaining Solutions and Coalitions”, IEEE Transactions on Communications , vol. 53, no. 8, pp.1366-1376, 2005. [14] Touati, C., et al., “Generalised Nash Bargaining Solution for Bandwidth Allocation”, Computer Networks , vol. 50, pp.3243-3263, 2006. [15] 3GPP, “Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); Multiplexing and channel coding”, 3GPP Tech. Rep. TS 36.212, Release 9, 2010. (online), Available from

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Automated evaluation of agricultural damage using UAV survey

References [1] Molnár, A., Stojcsics, D., Lovas, I., “Precision agricultural and game damage analysis application for unmanned aerial vehicles”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND INFORMATICS 1:(10) pp. 38-43. (2016) [2] Molnár, A., Stojcsics, D., “GPGPU accelerated large scale 3D object reconstruction application for fixed and rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS - ENGINEERING & DEVELOPMENT 1:(10) pp. 189-194. (2016) [3] Harwin, S., Lucieer, A., “Assessing the Accuracy of

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Quality of Video Games: Introduction to a Complex Issue

, Penguin, London. International Organization for Standarization 2015. ISO 9000:2015, retrieved from: [21.04.2019]. Ip, B., Jacobs, G. 2006. Quality function deployment for the games industry: Results from a practical application , Total Quality Management, 17, 835–856. ITU-T, 2008. Recommendation E.800: Definitions of terms related to quality of service , Telecommunication Standardization Sector of ITU. Jacobs, G., Ip, B. 2003. Matching games to gamers with quality function deployment

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Application of Differential Games in Mechatronic Control System

References [1] Abu-Khalaf M., Huang J. and Lewis Frank. L. (2006): Nonlinear H 2 / H ∞ Constrained Feedback Control. – London: Springer. [2] Johnson Marcus A. (2011): Differential game-based control methods for uncertain continuous-time nonlinear systems . – Phd Thesis, University of Florida. [3] Starr A.W. and Ho Y.C. (1969): Nonzero-sum differential games . – Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, vol.3, No.3, pp.184–206. [4] Willems Jan C. (1972): Dissipative dynamical systems part I: General theory . – Archive for

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Decision Optimization of Machine Sets Taking Into Consideration Logical Tree Minimization of Design Guidelines

References Deptuła A. and Partyka M.A. (2010): Application of game graphs in optimization of dynamic system structures. - International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.15, No.3, pp.647-656. Deptuła A. and Partyka M.A. (2012): Solving weight multivalent logic equations describing the design guidelines in discrete optimization of machine systems. - XLI Conference on Applications of Mathematics, Zakopane 2010, Institute of Mathematics PAN, Warsaw 2010. Filla R. and Palmberg J.O. (2003): Using

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Cooling of Exhaust Gases as a Possibility to increase Stealth Properties of Military Helicopters

References [1] Ansys: Modeling Turbulent Flows , Introductory FLUENT Training, 2006. [2] Grant, R., The Radar Game Understanding Stealth and Aircraft Survability , Mitchell Institute 2010. [3] Groninga, K., Development and implementation of the H-1 turned exhaust system , AHS, Texas 2005. [4] Fijałkowski, S., The Experiment – Based Analysis of the Infrared Emission by a Helicopter in Flight , IBTL Reports, Warsaw 2011. [5] Fijałkowski, S., Performance model of turbine engine exhaust cooler in extreme conditions helicopter

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The analysis of the calculation process related to labyrinth sealing with extraction

References Anker J.E., Mayer J.F. and Casey M.V. (2012): Impact of rotor labyrinth seal leakage flow on the loss generation in an axial turbine engineering. - International Journal of Power and Energy Systems. - Procedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, vol.219, Part A, pp.481-490. Bjorck A. and Dahlquist G. (1987): Numerical Methods (in Polish). - Warsaw: PWN. Gamal Eldin A.M. (2007): Leakage and rotordynamic effects of pocket damper seals and see-through labyrinth seals - Dissertation, Texas A

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Application of Multi-Valued Weighting Logical Functions in the Analysis of a Degree of Importance of Construction Parameters on the Example of Hydraulic Valves

References Deptuła A. (2014): Optimization of machine systems using logic equations and graph-structures. - Dissertation- Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Opole. Deptuła A. (2011): Weighted logic equations design guidelines in discrete optimization of machine systems. - XL Conference on Applications of Mathematics, Zakopane 2011, Institute of mathematics PAN, Warsaw. Deptuła A. and Partyka M.A. (2010): Application of game graphs in optimization of dynamic system structures

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Inductive Decision Tree Analysis of the Validity Rank of Construction Parameters of Innovative Gear Pump after Tooth Root Undercutting

techniques and their application to diagnosis of acoustic condition of hydraulic machinery and equipment . – Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, vol.13, No.3, pp.313-321. [13] Osiński P., Kollek W. and Wilczyński A. (2010): The use of a series of Renard in the design of hydraulic and pneumatic components . – Hydraulic and Pneumatic, No.6, pp.16-18. [14] Śliwiński P. (2014): Flow of liquid in flat gaps of the satellite motor working mechanism . – Polish Maritime Research, 2(82), vol.21, pp.50-57. [15] Deptuła A. (2015): Application of game

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An effective selection process is the key to quality job positions occupation conditional for long-term competitiveness

Reference Armstrong, M. 2009. Handbook of human resource management practice. London: Kogan Page limited. Armstrong, M.B., Landers, R.N., Collmus, A.B., 2016. Gamifying recruitment, selection, training, and performance management: Game-thinking in human resource management. In Davis, D., Gangadharbatla, H. (Eds.), Emerging research and trends in gamification 140-165. Cagáňová, D., Čambál, M., Šujanová, J., 2012. The Multiculturality Aspects and Human Capital Management within Slovak Industrial Enterprises , 4th European Conference on

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