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In-Factory Learning – Qualification For The Factory Of The Future

: . [13] Fraunhofer, “3D-Layoutplanung mit dem IPA-Planungstisch,” 2015. [Online]. Available: . [14] S. Deterding, M. Sicart, L. Nacke, K. O’Hara, and D. Dixon, “Gamification: Using game-design elements in non-gaming contexts,” in Proceedings of the 2011 annual conference extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems - CHI EA ’11, 2011, p. 2425. [15] O. Korn, “Industrial playgrounds: how gamification helps to

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Performance Risks Allocation in Bot Infrastructure in Nigeria: A Case Study of Lagos Infrastructure Project

:// Hansson, S. O. (2005). Decision Theory: A brief introduction. Accessed from on 26th September, 2016. Hardcastle, J. and Boothroyd, L. (2003). Re-engineering the building procurement decision making process. Proceedings of COBRA 2001. Accessed from on June 26th, 2016. Hatfield, M. (2008). Game Theory in Management: Modelling Business Decisions and their Consequences. Gower: PMI Publishing Hyunchan, C., Masahiko, K. & Tsuneaki, Y

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Development and Subsidization Possibilities for Efficient Energy Provision in the Hungarian Built Environment Within the 2021-2030 EU Programming Period

. 18-28. DOI: 10.1109/MPE.2009.934876 [6] Fogarassy C., Lukács A., Nagy H. (2008) Potential benefits of linking the Green Investment Scheme of the Kyoto Protocol with institutional voluntary markets like the Chicago Climate Exchange. In: ENVECON - UK Network of Environmental Economics Conference, London, 14 p. [7] Fogarassy, C. (2014) The Interpretation of Sustainability Criteria using Game Theory Models (Sustainable project development with Rubik’s Cube), Budapest; Paris: L’ Harmattan Publisher, p.117 https

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The CAD 3D course improves students’ spatial skills in the technology and design education

. 2003 “Does men’s advantage in mental rotation persist when real three-dimensional objects are either felt or seen?” Memory & Cognition Vol. 31. No. 7. pp. 1136-1145. [36] P rensky , M. 2007 Digital Game-Based Learning. Paragon House Edition, St. Louis [37] O ei , A. C. & P aterson , M.D. 2013 Enhancing Cognition with Video Games: A Multiple Game Training Study. PLoS ONE, Vol. 8. No. 3. [38] G y . N agy 2003 Tudományok katalizátora. Magyar Tudomány 48 : 11 p. 1455 [39] J. K atona 2005 Improving students’ three-dimensional eyesight by

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Climate Regulation of Rearing-Related Buildings - Evaluating the Factors Related to the Energy Requirement of Heating/Cooling, and Analysis of Alternative Solutions

., Winkler D. Details to the breeding biology and hand rearing of reeves’s pheasant (Syrmaticus reevesii) (Gray, 1829). Hungarian Small Game Bulletin Volume 12 (2014), pp. 105-124. [11] Park JH ., Peters TM ., Altmaier R., Sawvel RA. Anthony TR. Simulation of air quality and cost to ventilate swine farrowing facilities in winter. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Volume 98 (2013), pp. 136-145. [12] M ustafa OA. Principle of low energy building

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