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. Expertise is here regarded as something that is measurable. This is apparent in studies where expertise has been conceptualised as pertaining to a specific domain, as exceptional experts such as chess grandmasters ( Chase & Simon 1973 ) or in comparative studies between expert and non-expert practices ( Proffitt et al. 2000 ). When turning to the field of game studies, we find that the same conceptualisations of expertise often pervade; more specifically, expertise in relation to digital games and gaming has been framed as a particular kind of literacy (e.g. Steinkuehler

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Based on decades of comparative research on the national tabloid industry in the Nordic countries, a forecast is made, based on the product life cycle (PLC) theory, that the Swedish national tabloid industry will decline. As PLC theory is a blunt forecasting instrument, every precaution is taken; still a forecast is made that the No.2 tabloid will lose the present endgame to the market leader and disappear in 5-10 years time. End-game strategies as well as exit barriers are discussed in detail. The conclusions are valid for the national tabloid industries in the other Nordic countries following the same pattern of development. In passing, the question is raised of whether Internet publishing will change the rules of the game.

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The problem of the native player in the Romanian basketball generated a lot of pros and cons. To take a stand in this issue, in order to protect the Romanian player, starting with the 2015-2016 season, the Romanian Basketball Federation introduced the rule of presence of the local player on the court at each official match. Thus, at Romanian Cup matches, at least two Romanian players must be permanently on the court, and at the National League matches there must be at least one Romanian player at all times.

Starting from the hypothesis that the value of the national team increases through the first echelon, this study aims to analyze and compare the game parameters registered in the National Men’s Basketball League (LNBM) and those made by the national team of Romania at Eurobasket 2017.